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The annual Biology Week debate, held at the The Royal Institution, London.

In partnership with the Biochemical Society, the British Pharmacological Society and the Royal Institution.

A panel of experts comes together to discuss how AI can help us develop solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues, and the opportunities and challenges that comes with using AI technology in the biosciences.

Welcome to the YouTube Channel for the Royal Society of Biology!

Who are we? The Royal Society of Biology is a membership organisation for biologists and bioscience enthusiasts the world over.

We are a single unified voice for biology – we advise Government and influencing policy, we advance education and professional development, we support our members in their careers and their development, and engage and encourage public interest in the life sciences.

The Society represents a diverse membership of individuals, learned societies and other organisations.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in Canada, Deep Learning, Machine Learning — Bloomberg Businessweek presents an exclusive premiere of the latest episode of Hello World, the tech-travel show hosted by journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance and watched by millions of people around the globe.

Hello World – Canada: The Rise of Al
Stars: Brandon Lisy, Ashlee Vance,
Genre: Documentary

Hello World invites the viewer to come on a journey. It’s a journey that stretches across the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future. Each episode explores a different country and uncovers the ways in which the local culture and surroundings have influenced their approach to technology. Join journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them.

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The show asks how will the AI revolution change the world? Part one features Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg Tech Reporter, Mike McDonough Global Chief Economist at Bloomberg Intellligence and Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science at Bloombeg, Part Two features Martin Ford, Author of Rise of the Robots. Part Three features how AI could soon be changing healthcare.

Forward Thinking: March of the Machines – Episode 1
Stars: Dafydd Rees, Alastair Bates
Genres: Documentary | News

The future is uncertain and full of challenges. How do we rescue our cities and tackle inequalities? How do we deal with an aging future and bridging the gender gap? It’s time for some forward thinking.

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It’s 2040, and you stroll into the Center for Mind Design where you can buy a variety of brain enhancements. How far do you want to go? The human calculator promises to give you savant-level mathematical abilities. The Zen garden can make you calmer and more efficient. Or you can buy “merge,” a series of enhancements that allow you to gradually augment and transfer mental functions to the cloud.

This might all sound like science fiction, but Susan Schneider, a cognitive scientist and philosopher at the University of Connecticut and the NASA–Blumberg chair of astrobiology at the Library of Congress, says brain microchips and other techniques to integrate humans with artificial intelligence are under development. AI, she says, is revolutionizing the economy and will inevitably go inside the head as corporations attempt to allow us seamless access to our devices.

Schneider addresses the implications of AI in our lives and how to ensure the science develops in a way that promotes human flourishing.

Susan Schneider, Ph.D.
Author, Artificial You: AI and the Future of the Mind; NASA–Blumberg Chair in Astrobiology; NASA Distinguished Scholar, Library of Congress; Director of AI, Mind and Society Group, the University of Connecticut

Joe Epstein
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In this video we are talking about #RobotsvsArtificial intelligence ! Kaun Jeetega ??

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Difference between natural intelligence and artificial intelligence Natural intelligence vs Artificial intelligence AI in urdu Human vs. Artificial Intelligence: Key Similarities and Differences

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Types of agents in AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfLG2l1m9rw
Knowledge representation in AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73H7s_88bIc&t=1s
Properties of Environment in AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxv70nY6psQ
AI Natural language processing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KmCjtlxTw8
Artificial Intelligence searching strategies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qyXFQGruTM
Depth first search DFS algorithm Problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJeQ4VJun7k
Breadth first search algorithm in AI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBwAe-Ca0BY&t=26s

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, are the two most important technologies in the world today. While Data Science makes use of Artificial Intelligence in its operations, it does not completely represent AI. In this article, we will understand the concept of Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, we will discuss how researchers around the world are shaping modern Artificial Intelligence.

What is Data Science?
Data Science is the current reigning technology that has conquered industries around the world. It has brought about a fourth industrial revolution in the world today. This a result of the contribution by the massive explosion in data and the growing need of the industries to rely on data to create better products. We have become a part of a data-driven society. Data has become a dire need for industries that need data to make careful decisions.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is possessed by the machines. It is modeled after the natural intelligence that is possessed by animals and humans. Artificial Intelligence makes the use of algorithms to perform autonomous actions. These autonomous actions are similar to the ones performed in the past which were successful.

How is Artificial Intelligence Different from Data Science?

Let’s start exploring Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence through the below points –
1. Constraints of Contemporary AI

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science can use interchangeably. But there are certain differences between the two fields. The contemporary AI used in the world today is the ‘Artificial Narrow Intelligence’. Under this form of intelligence, computer systems do not have full autonomy and consciousness like human beings. Rather, they are only able to perform tasks that they are trained for. For example, an AlphaGo may be able to defeat the world’s No. 1 Go champion, but he will not know that it is playing the game of AlphaGo. That is, it does not have a conscious mind.

Let us know more about AI and Data Science in detail:

Artificial Intelligence In the present, is mind-boggling and viable however no place close to human knowledge. People utilize the information exhibit around them and the information gathered in the past to make sense of everything without exception. In any case, AIs don’t have that capacity right now. AIs simply immense information dumps to clear their goals. This implies AIs require a colossal pool of information to accomplish something as straightforward as altering letters. Colloquially, the expression “man-made brainpower” is connected when a machine emulates “psychological” capacities that people connect with other human personalities for example “learning” and “critical thinking”
The extent of AI is debated: as machines turn out to be progressively proficient, assignments considered as requiring “insight” are regularly expelled from the definition, a wonder known as the AI impact, prompting the jest “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet.
For example, optical character acknowledgment is habitually avoided by “man-made brainpower”, has turned into a routine technology. Capabilities by and large delegated AI starting in 2017 incorporate effectively understanding human speech, contending with an abnormal state in vital diversion frameworks, complex information, including pictures and recordings. Various models such as Bernoulli Model, naive Bayes model, etc.
Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of procedures and frameworks to extract learning or bits of knowledge from information in different structures. This implies information science enables AIs to make sense of answers to issues by connecting comparative information for some time later.
In a general sense, information science takes into consideration AIs to discover proper and significant data from those colossal pools speedier and all the more productively.
A case of this is Facebook’s facial acknowledgment framework which, after some time, accumulates a great deal of information about existing clients and applies similar methods for facial acknowledgment with new clients. Another illustration is Google’s self-driving autos which accumulate information from its surroundings progressively and forms those data to settle on smart choices out and about.

Data Science is an “idea to bring together measurements, information investigation, and their related strategies” so as to “comprehend and dissect real wonders” with data. It utilizes systems and speculations drawn from numerous fields inside the expansive regions of arithmetic, insights, data science, and software engineering, specifically from the subdomains of machine learning, characterization, group examination, vulnerability evaluation, computational science, information mining, databases, and representation.
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5 CREEPIEST Things Done By Artificial Intelligence Robots… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hVuCWfyHP4

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You’re on the PRO Robotics channel and in this issue we have some high-tech news. We have gathered for you the most interesting and exciting technology news of the last week. Robots in different spheres of life, drones, drones, Tesla robots, artificial intelligence, robotics, robo-cars. All this and more in this new edition of high-tech news. Watch the video to the end and write in the comments which news impressed you the most?

Time codes:
00:00 Intro
00:27 hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence
1:34 robot surgeon
2:04 a vertical robot farm in europe
2:41 companion robot for pets
3:04 Virgin Orbit launched LauncherOne rocket from Boeing
3:33 NASA tested the SLS engines
4:03 Blue Origin tested New Shepard rocket with new engine
4:57 Toyota Research Institute autopilot for drifting
5:31 Micro Aerial Vehicle 2020
5:50 Samsung Heavy Industries launches robot ships
6:15 Indoor Robotics unveils technology to protect private homes and gated businesses
6:49 Ghost Robotics news
7:10 ANYbotic also revealed another superpower of its ANYmal robot
7:21 Deep Robotics also continues to improve its robot dog
7:35 Cruise announced a partnership with Microsoft
8:05 An air taxi was tested in Moscow
8:34 ABB’s two-armed robot found a job in Russia
8:57 automation in Chinese hospitals
9:37 robot learned to play snooker
9:47 Tesla looked into the netherworld
10:00 robots make batteries for Tesla

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Hello Friends
In this video, I will talk about artificial intelligence and how the future resides in this technology. What could be the possible uses of artificial intelligence in our daily life and what are the challenges that we face when implementing this technology to common people. How AI will take 38% of America’s Jobs and create unemployment. Nvidia have created a computer especially for driverless cars named Drive PX Pegasus and 25 car companies have already ordered this for their future productions.

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“The daily grinding of evolution, as accelerated by technology, churns out more and more complex organisms, with higher rates of energy use, and with increasing specialization. Minds are the ideal way to express complexity, energy density, increasing specialization, expanding diversity — all in one system. Mindedness is what evolution produces. Mindedness is what technology wants, too.” -Kevin Kelly

Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday.

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Let’s learn the basics of personalizing with artificial intelligence.

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AI in Stock Market Prediction | AI Stocks to Invest
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Panal on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Featuring Deepak Agarwal, VP of Engineering, LinkedIn; Mazin Gilbert, VP of Advanced Technology, AT&T Labs; Rachel Thomas, Co-founder, fast.ai; Tarry Singh, Deep Learning Executive

Talk given at the 2018 Open Source Leadership Summit.

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The show asks how will the AI revolution change the world? Part one features Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg Tech Reporter, Mike McDonough Global Chief Economist at Bloomberg Intellligence and Gideon Mann, Head of Data Science at Bloombeg, Part Two features Martin Ford, Author of Rise of the Robots. Part Three features how AI could soon be changing healthcare.

Forward Thinking: March of the Machines – Episode 1
Stars: Dafydd Rees, Alastair Bates
Genres: Documentary | News

The future is uncertain and full of challenges. How do we rescue our cities and tackle inequalities? How do we deal with an aging future and bridging the gender gap? It’s time for some forward thinking.

#artificialintelligence #documentaries #robots

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AI 人工智慧 是什麼? 機器人會取代人類嗎? | What is Artificial Intelligence?

我終於鼓起勇氣來聊人工智慧了~ AI一直都是熱門的話題,但也因為太受歡迎了各種解釋跟見解都有…🤦🏻‍♀️


Overview 💬
🔹 AI 人工智慧 是什麼
🔹 AI 人工智慧 的歷史
🔹 AI 人工智慧 一詞的由來
🔹 AI 人工智慧 為什麼那麼受歡迎
🔹 AI 人工智慧 的應用
🔹 AI 人工智慧 人類怕什麼
🔹 AI 人工智慧 會不會取代人類

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Can Computers Think? | Alan Turing and the Birth of Artificial Intelligence

Alan Turing was a pioneering mathematician widely considered to be the father of modern computers.

His revolutionary idea was to create a machine that would turn thought processes into numbers. It took a decade for technology to advance to the point where a machine could be built to test his ideas – and it worked.

Today all the digital computers that we use work on this same principle.
Turing believed that an intelligent machine could be created by following the blueprints of the human brain. His landmark paper of 1950 described the Turing Test for determining an intelligent machine. The test consisted of a person asking questions via a keyboard to both another person and an intelligent machine. The machine would read a series of ones and zeros from a tape which described the steps needed to solve a problem or task.   If the computer’s answers could not be distinguished from those of the person after a reasonable amount of time then the machine has some intelligence, according to the Turing Test.

Turing was the first to ask the question, “Can computers think?”. In 1951, BBC broadcasted a short lecture on the radio by the mathematician. Unfortunately, we don’t have any recordings of Alan Turing today. But we can glimpse into his mind through the original script of this lost broadcast.

00:00 – Who is Alan Turing?
01:13 – The Turing Test
01:44 – Can Computers Think?
06:21 – Determinism vs Free Will
09:16 – What Happens if Computers Can Think

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AI is a key enabler allowing businesses to reimagine processes, services and value propositions to customers. Yet while the focus on customers is as strong as ever but as experience matures, European companies are increasingly looking to AI to drive internal process improvement as well as improve customer experience.

Discover more: https://uk.idc.com/trends/artificial-intelligence

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Discussion with Joscha Bach, Marcus Bingenheimer, Pei Wang, and Simon Wiles about Buddhist models of the mind and contemporary research in Artificial General Intelligence.

This event was a Global Studies webinar, co-sponsored by the Science, Technology, and Society CHAT Interdisciplinary Research Group, and the Temple University Libraries. It took place on 2021-03-05.

To view other library event recordings, visit: https://library.temple.edu/watchpastprograms

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How Dangerous is Artificial Intelligence? – Second Thought
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Yoshua Bengio, director of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms at the Université de Montréal, outlines some of the progress made in AI.

Martin Ferguson-Pell, a professor at the University of Alberta, discusses the use of technology to address problems in rehabilitation medicine and chronic disease management.

The committee holds another hearing on the role of robotics, 3D printing and artificial intelligence in the healthcare system.

May 3, 2017

Max Tegmark is a Swedish-American cosmologist. Tegmark is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the scientific director of the Foundational Questions Institute. He is also a co-founder of the Future of Life Institute, and has accepted donations from Elon Musk to investigate existential risk from advanced artificial intelligence.

October 2017

With the prevalence of artificial intelligence in our daily lives, it’s natural to ask, “What will be the future of art in an AI-driven society?” This question becomes even more relevant as AI increasingly appears in the creative domain. Across human history, artists have always integrated new technologies into their practice—from oil paint and printmaking in the Renaissance to photography, motion pictures, and computer animation in the modern era. AI is no exception, yet we need to understand how it is different.

• Marian Mazzone, Moderator, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, College of Charleston
• Ahmed Elgammal, Professor of Computer Science, Founder and Director of the Art and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Rutgers University
• Carla Gannis, Professor and Assistant Chairperson, Department of Digital Arts, Pratt Institute

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In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities

In this video, I explained about Applications of Artificial intelligence we use daily or the applications that can change the world.
the applications are like Agricultural applications, gaming applications, trading and finance applications, educational applications, navigational applications, marketing applications, and speech recognition.

Top 15 Applications of Artificial intelligence.

I also explained how to Artificial intelligence can change our world and our education system.


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The idea that a machine could exhibit the same level of intelligence as a human being has captivated scientists for decades. That day is nearing. A.I. is not about building a robot, but developing a computer mind that can think like a human… that learns… that can even approach—and exceed—human levels of intelligence.

It’s an exciting time in health care. Come join us in 2018.

Boston, Massachusetts | Westin Copley Place
April 23-25, 2018

Gene and Cell Therapy

Top 10 Ways AI Can Change The World || How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future 2021

What is Artificial Intelligence❓❓
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work❓❓
AI works by combining large amounts of data with fast, repetitive processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to automatically learn from patterns or features in the data. Cognitive Computing is a subfield of AI that strives for natural, human-like interaction with machines.

Where Artificial Intelligence Being Used❓❓
Currently, AI is used here-
Retail, Shopping, and Fashion. Security and Surveillance. Sports Analytics and Activities. Manufacturing and Production.


✪Understand Artificial Intelligence Properly
✪Understand Your Data
✪Understand The Questions For Which You Want to Get an Answer By AI.
✪Find The Actual Case Studies to Get Help
✪Learn From Different Experts
✪Treat The Data You Have To Get More Benefits
✪Perform Predictive Analytics
✪Have a look at The Existing Technology You are Working With
✪Find Out Intelligent Tools To Experiment

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