Andrew Ng speaks about the progress of AI, how to accelerate AI adoption, and what’s around the corner for AI at Amazon re:MARS 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (More)

Rodney Brooks, the chairman of Rethink Robotics and the former director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, and Nicholas Thompson, editor of, examine the current state of robotics and A.I. They will cover the problems that robots can and can’t solve and the future effect that robots will have on our economy and our personal lives. They’ll also tackle concerns about the dangers of artificial intelligence, and the ways that robots and A.I. could change the nature of warfare. Dr. Brooks will describe his decades of research into this field and his suggestions for policies that will best help humanity handle the changes that advances in robotics are bringing about. (More)

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Sean Gourley is the founder and CTO of Quid. He is a Physicist by training and has studied the mathematical patterns of war and terrorism. He is building tools to augment human intelligence. (More)

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Our J.P. Morgan office is a place where you can solve real-world problems using state of the art machine learning methods and cutting-edge AI research. Learn more about opportunities to develop your career and advance tech at:

Create a simple peer to peer chat app (with audio/video) in the browser using pure JavaScript / WebRTC. (More)

Komatsu demonstrating their intelligent machine control system, two Komatsu PC210LCi-10 excavators, side by side working with and with out machine control, at the Bauma 2016 expo in Germany. (More)

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us: machines infused with intelligence. This transformation will transform how manufacturing works today, making it 30% faster and 25% cheaper because a machine will know when it makes a mistake and will correct itself. He estimates that the next generation of industrialization could save the food industry alone $50 billion dollars a year. Markus Lorenz explores the many ways this manufacturing revolution will impact the economy, and what kinds of other jobs this new chapter will create. (More)

Intelligent technology in egg factory;
smart machines, automatic machinery egg processing, egg collecting and egg separating machines.
Intelligent Technology Egg Processing Machines ★ Smart Machines Egg Collecting Separating in Factory (More)

Extreme Fast Homemade Firewood Machinery Wood Cutting And Splitting Firewood intelligent machine engine
#woodcuttingmachine #wood #intelligenttechnology (More)

Natural Language Processing techniques allow addressing tasks like text classification and information extraction and content generation. They can give the perception of machines being able to understand humans and respond more naturally. (More)

You might be familiar with NLP (especially if you are a subscriber of my channel). But do you know what is NLG? (More)

Learn most important Natural Language Processing Interview Questions and Answers, asked at every Artificial Intelligence interview. These Interview questions will be useful to all entry level candidates, beginners, interns and experienced candidates interviewing for the role of NLP Engineer, NLP Researcher, NLP Intern etc.
The examples and sample answers with each question will make it easier for candidates to understand these conceptual, general and situational interview questions. (More)

Natural Language Processing , Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to AI method of communicating with an intelligent systems using a natural language such as English.
Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
Natural Language Generation (NLG) (More)

This video shows how we can use Break and Continue statements in a loop to effectively handle exceptions. (More)

Siri vs Google Assistant vs Alexa – Which is right for you? I take a look at the differences between them, the advancements they’ve made over the past year, and what’s to come in the future. (More)

Devices like Alexa and Google Assistant are the newest and most popular examples of Artificial Intelligence around us. Ever wondered why all of them have female voices? (More)

Google Assistant comes with important update announced in Google I/O 2018. The Update comes with Google Duplex, a human like calling feature, Continuous conversation, 6 new Voices and Wavenet recording for voices.
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Keynote address to the Association of Transformational Leaders, North Hollywood, September 14, 2018. Sections showing audience interaction removed by agreement with ATL. (More)


Author Martin Ford interviewed by on his book Rise Of The Robots: Technology And The Threat Of A Jobless Future (published by Basic Books) (More)

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New Permanent & New Normal – Predictive Automation and New Business Models – Robots vs. People (More)

Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future is a 2015 book by American futurist Martin Ford. Rise discusses the
impact accelerating change and artificial intelligence will have on the labor market. (More)

Dr. Damian Borth, Direktor Deep Learning Kompetenzzentrum
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) GmbH, im Interview bei der 23. Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Strategisches IT-Management 2017 in München. Alle Informationen unter (More)

In this engaging and informative talk, machine learning specialist Dr Tasneem Memon explores the potential for cognitive systems to transform our everyday lives, connecting human minds, and integrating individuals’ experiences. She builds AI and cognition enabled solutions and, importantly, her focus is on bias mitigation in decision systems. Dr. Tasneem Memon looks forward to an AI-enabled future that is human-centric and unbiased, and is working towards creating it. She has been building AI & Cognition enabled solutions for the past 12 years, with a focus on cognitive bias mitigation in decision systems. Building on the foundations of computer science, cognitive science, psychology, and business models, she has developed human-centric algorithms and decision support models to bring competitive advantage to enterprises. She strongly believes in individualized education based on each student’s talents, passions, strengths and personality. To this end, she has founded the startup, PathFinder, to develop a cognition-based Individualised Education System for school students. Tasneem is also the CEO at Cognidius Solutions, a Knowledge Management Officer at the Australian Defence Force Academy and Machine Learning Advisor for The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, the Australian Defence Force. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at (More)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the way education is offered and accessed: AI applications enable personalized education by adapting the content to optimally support the learning success of individual students. In this video, experts discuss, how will AI affect learning and teaching, what kind of data should we use in learning-related AI applications, and what societal and political decisions should be made regarding learning and AI.
The video was produced by the Finnish Ministry of Education & Culture in collaboration with Aalto University. The expert interviewees in the video are Alex Jung, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Aalto University, Teemu Roos, Leader of AI Education at Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, and Ella Bingham, Head of Research Services at Aalto University. (More)

In the lead up to Bett Asia 2017, we asked our keynote speaker Graham Brown-Martin, Educator and Founder of Learning Without Frontiers, about his topic at Bett Asia ‘Education & the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and why is it important for our audience to hear about, and how education systems can adapt to meet the needs of future employability skills. (More)

5G networks, smart devices, artificial intelligence, digital citizenship — what does all this mean for education? ISTE CEO, Richard Culatta, asks educators how we’re preparing our students to thrive in a world of high-speed networks and AI. How can we redefine digital citizenship to be positive and proactive? (More)

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Daniel helps leaders in finance, government and global industries cut through the artificial intelligence hype, leverage proven best-practices, and make data-backed decisions about mission-critical priorities. (More)

Dan Faggella is Founder and Head of Research at Emerj and advises the UN, Interpol and global enterprises on Artificial Intelligence. He is also a former MMA coach and fighter. (More)