AI robots, with Elon Musk, Ameca, Boston Dynamics. To learn more about AI, please visit where you’ll also find loads of fun courses on maths, science and computer science. Here’s the first video on our new channel, Go Rogue: Thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video. To stay at the stunning Appleby Castle: For custom nerf blasters: Please don’t feel anxious about this – the AI in this video obviously isn’t dangerous (GPT-3 isn’t conscious). I’m optimistic that the future of AI will be great (if we’re careful). Sources: Here are the records for the original GPT-3 chat (screenshots and a video to avoid any doubt). I’ve marked the words from Elon Musk and Ameca on the first page (which I gave the AI to respond to in the previous video): Tesla’s AI day 2, introducing the Tesla Optimus robot: Researchers from Oxford University and DeepMind on AI risks: Robotic Navigation with Large Pre-Trained Models of Language, Vision, and Action:
Transformer AI models are powering a new era of life sciences, helping researchers encode the structure and function of biology and chemistry, making sense of unstructured patient data, and improving detection and diagnosis in #medicalimaging. At the same time, advances in digital twin technology are powering researchers and clinical teams to simulate cells, organs, and surgeries to better understand workflows and improve patient outcomes. Learn how NVIDIA’s Clara computing platform is helping scientists, researchers, and engineers develop #AI from data to model to device to software service: #GTC22
What is digital twin? A digital twin refers to a virtual model of a process, product or service. It is a bridge between the physical and digital world. This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows analysis of data and monitoring of systems to identify problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and even plan for the future by using simulations.  DON’T MISS OUT – Interesting Insights from Experts of the AEC COMMUNITY! GEOBIM 2019, 11 – 12 November at Amsterdam, Netherlands. Register Now: #DigitalTwin #Technology
Today I explained the Complete VISA BIOMETRICS Step-By-Step Process For Canada in 2022, along with all the Documentation Required on the day of the Biometrics. Make Sure to Watch This Video till the End and Provide Your Valuable Feedback in the Comment Section Below✅ Premium vs Normal Biometrics: ➡️ Visa Medical Process: ➡️ How to Book Medical from Home: ➡️ topics discussed in the video- 1) full visa biometrics process for canada 2) vfs biometrics for canada 3) biometrics process canada 4) documents required for biometrics canada 5) seneca college may 2022 6) complete biometrics process for canada 7) seneca college student 8) vfs global 9) vfs global biometrics process 10) canada biometrics process 11) step by step biometrics process 12) what is biometrics 13) canada ke liea biometric process 14) canada biometrics THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO #VFSGlobal #VisaBiometrics #PremiumBiometrics
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how to add user in biometric devices | edit user in biometric | how to delete user in biometric by Technosearch in this video we are showing how to register new user in biometric, how to create / edit user in time attendance system and essl biometric add user and user manager functions. Visit our website for more tech updates: Checkout these Best Biometric Devices for business and office use at amazon: ESSL MB160 Face identification Biometric Machine & Access Control : ESSL X990 Biometric Machine & Access Control : eSSL F12 Fingerprint Based Plastic Biometric Exit Reader: eSSL i9 C Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine: eSSL UFACE-302 FACE ATTANDENCE & Access Control BIOMETRIC System: Essl F22 WiFi Enabled Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine & Access Control: eSSL-VF 380-Multi Biometric Face Identification Time & Attendance: ESSL Identix Lx-16 Time and Attendance Biometric Machine: ESSL IDENTIX K30 PRO BIOMETRIC Machine & Access Control: Buy this group SEO tools from this link to support the channel: Report your online frauds to GOI : WATCH NEXT: ○ Mi 10T series price in India all models – ○ Mime Z10 Ultra mobile review (real or faq) – ○ Mi Horizon TV 32′ and 40′ all specification and price India – ○ nvedia rtx3000 series GPUs all model explained with price India – ○ Video editing tutorial for beginners in hindi – ○ How To Create YouTube Channel (in [More]
in this video I will tell you EasyPaisa Account Biometric Verification At Home | How To Verified Easypaisa Account cover topic how to upgrade easypaisa account level at home using new process ————-Support me for more videos——————– COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE | active For more videos YouTube: Instagram: ——————-For business and sponser—————– Email #easypaisaaccountlevel #easypaisaaccountupgrade #easypaisa #zaintech
In Cloud Provider Comparisons, we take a look at the same cloud services across the three major public cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In this video, we focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). We compare the major ‘building block’ services (those you can use without having to know much about ML), explainability and bias services, and ML infrastructure and platforms. If you’re curious about how the AI and ML services of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform match up, join ACG Senior Training Architect Scott Pletcher and watch on to find out more! Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:52 What is AI and ML (and what’s the difference)? 2:41 What this episode will cover 3:33 Machine learning building block services 7:56 Machine learning platforms 10:20 Machine learning infrastructure 12:30 Machine learning explainability and bias Here’s some more detail on the AI and ML services we’ll cover in this episode: ML building blocks: – Speech to text: Amazon Transcribe, Azure Speech to Text, GCP Speech to Text – Text to speech: Amazon Polly, Azure Text to Speech, GCP Text to Speech – Chatbots: Amazon Lex, Azure Language Understanding, GCP DialogFlow – Language translation: Amazon Translate, Azure Translator, Google Cloud Translation – Text analytics: Amazon Comprehend, Azure Text Analytics, GCP Natural Language – Document analysis: Amazon Textract, Azure Form Recognizer, GCP Document AI – Image & video analysis: Amazon Rekognition, Azure Computer Vision and Video Indexer, GCP Vision AI and Video AI [More]
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At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP shared its vision for the Intelligent Enterprise. Join Bernd Leukert, member of the executive board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation, at SAP TechEd on October 2 to see how SAP can help your organization build a path to the Intelligent Enterprise and what new tools you can use to transform your organization with next-generation technology. We are committed to bringing everyone along on this journey… only if you are ready to come with us. Are you ready?
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivers keynote address about shaping the future of India through digital innovation. Watch the video to know more. #satyanadellaaddress #MicrosoftIndia #AI #artificialintelligence #satyanadella #economy #projects #technology #tech #cnbctv18 About CNBC-TV18: India’s leading business news channel, CNBC-TV18 offers the most comprehensive coverage of businesses, the economy and the financial markets. Catch all your favourite shows, exclusive videos, big-ticket interviews and more here. You can also connect with CNBC-TV18 News Online Catch the latest news: Follow CNBC-TV18 round the clock: Stay updated with all the market action in real time: You can also stay updated with all the latest news on-the-go with CNBC-TV18 Minis: Subscribe to our Channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Catch us on: Linkedin: n18oc_business
NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivers the keynote at the GPU Technology Conference Europe (GTC Europe) 2018 in Munich, where he unveiled the RAPIDS open-source GPU-acceleration platform for large-scale data analytics and machine learning, announced Volvo Cars has chosen NVIDIA DRIVE for its production vehicles, showcased groundbreaking demos, and revealed more news in automotive, healthcare, and robotics. Jump ahead to: 00:02 – I Am AI opening video 02:54 – Forces shaping computing – Jensen Huang takes the stage 09:33 – Turing GPU architecture – Graphics reinvented 19:05 – Porsche’s 70th birthday – Real-time ray-tracing demo 22:25 – Lunar landing – Ray tracing disproves a conspiracy 28:09 – Tesla T4 – universal deep learning accelerator 36:27 – TensorRT Inference Server demo 44:27 – The new HPC market – Accelerating groundbreaking science 49:10 – The new HPC market – Accelerating machine learning and data science 1:02:43 – RAPIDS – Accelerated data science 1:11:30 – GPU-accelerated data analytics demo 1:25:39 – RAPIDS customers and partners, including Wal-Mart, HPE, IBM, Oracle 1:32:39 – Xavier: Powering next chapter of AI 1:35:12 – Xavier AGX systems for autonomous machines 1:37:10 – CT scan AI medical imaging demo with Clara AGX 1:44:44 – NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform and demo 1:50:35 – NVIDIA DRIVE: World’s first autonomous vehicle platform 1:54:39 – Autonomous vehicle safety demo 1:56:34 – 80km self-driving demo 2:05:12 – NVIDIA DRIVE partners: Volvo Cars, Continental, Veoneer and Zenuity 2:10:20 – Wrapping up and Project Sol real-time ray-tracing video
Discover how #AI is taking on precision tasks in the most challenging environments, delivering precise care to patients, giving crops room to grow, and more. Tune in to the NVIDIA GTC 2022 keynote to learn more:
Machine Learning is changing the world by impacting businesses and everyday life. In this Keynote we cover what’s new and exciting in Machine Learning and why you should get involved! Stay tuned as Dominique Throne, shares her journey to becoming the genius-engineer Riri Williams/Ironheart in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and gives an exciting ML demo. Speakers: Joana Carrasqueira, Sharbani Roy, Laurence Moroney, Dominique Thorne Watch more: Watch all the Women in ML Symposium 2022 Sessions → Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel → #WIMLsymposium
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In this video, I utilized artificial intelligence to generate an animated music video for the song Canvas by Resonate. This tool allows anyone to generate beautiful images using only text as the input. My question was, what if I used song lyrics as input to the AI, can I make perfect music synchronized videos automatically with the push of a button? Let me know how you think the AI did in this visual interpretation of the song. After getting caught up in the excitement around DALL·E2 (latest and greatest AI system, it’s INSANE), I searched for any way I could use similar image generation for music synchronization. Since DALL·E2 is not available to the public yet, my search led me to VQGAN + CLIP (Vector Quantized Generative Adversarial Network and Contrastive Language–Image Pre-training), before settling more specifically on Disco Diffusion V5.2 Turbo. If you don’t know what any of these words or acronyms mean, don’t worry, I was just as confused when I first started learning about this technology. I believe we’re reaching a turning point where entire industries are about to shift in reaction to this new process (which is essentially magic!). Important note: While this AI is impressive, it still required additional input beyond just the song lyrics to achieve the music video I was looking for. For example, I added keyframes for camera motion throughout the generated world. These keyframes were manually synchronized to the beat by me. I also specified changes to the art style at [More]
This video is about how Ai is getting smarter and smarter, and it’s getting out of hand. In this video, we’re going to talk about how this is impacting our lives and the world around us. We’re going to discuss how Ai is impacting the economy, how it’s impacting crime, and how it’s impacting our social lives. We’re also going to discuss how we can prevent this from happening, and what we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones. _________________________________________________ elon,elon musk biography,elon musk documentary,elon musk interview,elon musk joe rogan,elon musk live,elon musk motivation,elon musk podcast,elon musk robot,elon musk sink,elon musk speech,elon musk tesla,joe biden,joe rogan elon musk,joe rogan experience,joe rogan podcast,launch,musk,nasa,news,rise and fall,science news,space x,spacex,technology,techy,tesla,this is elon musk,twitter elon musk,what if
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Get the full version of this audiobook: Rule of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Everything The New York Times best-selling author of Rise of the Robots shows what happens as AI takes over our lives.If you have a smartphone, you have AI in your pocket. AI is impossible to avoid online. And it has already changed everything from how doctors diagnose disease to how you interact with friends or read the news. But in Rule of the Robots, Martin Ford argues that the true revolution is yet to come. In this sequel to his prescient New York Times best seller Rise of the Robots, Ford presents us with a striking vision of the very near future. He argues that AI is a uniquely powerful technology that is altering every dimension of human life, often for the better. For example, advanced science is being done by machines, solving devilish problems in molecular biology that humans could not, and AI can help us fight climate change or the next pandemic. It also has a capacity for profound harm. Deep fakes – AI-generated audio or video of events that never happened – are poised to cause havoc throughout society. AI empowers authoritarian regimes like China with unprecedented mechanisms for social control. And AI can be deeply biased, learning bigoted attitudes from us and perpetuating them. Read more #Audiobook #Audible
In Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future (2015), a work of speculative futurism, software entrepreneur and author Martin Ford, argues that the advent of artificial intelligence, within the larger phenomenon of accelerating technological evolution…
Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to see rapid development in the coming decade, with the marginal cost of intelligence decreasing rapidly. One example of this is ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that uses GAN technology to engage in natural-sounding conversations and generate original content. The development of large language models, which can perform tasks at a lower cost but are not capable of creating new knowledge or solving complex problems, will enable the creation of new services that use language as the primary interface and will become more capable of continuous learning and improvement. Artificial general intelligence (AGI), which is capable of performing any intellectual task that a human is capable of, is also being developed, with the potential to lead to rapid advancements in various fields. One example of this is Teslabot, a robot being developed by Tesla that is designed to be a real-life companion and is being designed to achieve AGI, which could be used in fields such as healthcare, transportation, and technology. However, there are concerns about the alignment of AI with human goals, known as the alignment problem, and potential impacts on employment and the economy. Solutions to the alignment problem include designing AI systems with built-in ethical constraints and using self-improving AI, and some believe that adapting to the changes brought about by AI could lead to a brighter economic future for all.
In 15 minutes, Dr. Craig A. Kaplan explains the fastest and safest path to creating Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI. With clips featuring Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla), Sam Altman (CEO, Open AI), and Demis Hassabis (CEO, Deep Mind), Kaplan explains not only the dangers of AGI but also the best path to creating a safe AGI system. Drawing on 30 years experience in designing and building Intelligent systems, Dr. Kaplan’s approach is different from the “pure machine learning” approaches that most other researchers are pursuing. In Kaplan’s view, the secret is to design AGI in a human-centric way so that AGI can learn human values while it learns to solve every problem that humans are able to solve. LINKS & REFERENCES Websites iQStudios website (free educational videos): iQ Company website (consulting firm specializing in AI & AGI): You Tube Talks Demis Hassabis: Using AI to Accelerate Scientific Discovery (YouTube talk): Sam Altman: AI for the Next Era (YouTube): Craig Kaplan: Artificial Intelligence – Past, Present, and Future: #AI #AGI #OpenAI #DeepMind #ElonMusk #SamAltman #DemisHassabis #ArtificialIntelligence #ArtificialGeneralIntelligence #AlignmentProblem #AIEthics #SuperIntelligence