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The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, and scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are warning of an imminent paradigm shift in the future of work. In partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, VICE talks to industry leaders and laborers to learn how radical developments in automation and artificial intelligence are set to change the world of work as we know it. (More)

This is a combined slide/speaker video of Yoshua Bengio’s talk at NeurIPS 2019. Slide-synced non-YouTube version is here: (More)

The Current State of Adversarial Machine Learning – Heather Lawrence
Proving Ground
BSidesLV 2018 – Tuscany Hotel – Aug 08, 2018 (More)

While many celebrated efforts in Artificial Intelligence aim at exceeding human performance, the real promise of AI in real-world domains, such as healthcare and law, hinges on developing systems that can successfully support human experts. In this talk, I’ll share several directions of research we are pursuing towards effective human-AI partnership in the open world, including combining the complementary strengths of human and machine reasoning, addressing concerns around trust, transparency and reliability, and using AI to improve human engagement. (More)

Zachary Lipton (Carnegie Mellon University)
Emerging Challenges in Deep Learning (More)

As Machine Learning (ML) systems are increasingly becoming part of user-facing applications, their reliability and robustness are key to building and maintaining trust with users and customers, especially for high-stake domains. While advances in learning are continuously improving model performance on expectation, there is an emergent need for identifying, understanding, and mitigating cases where models may fail in unexpected ways. This session is going to discuss ML reliability and robustness from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. In particular, the session will aim at summarizing important ongoing work that focuses on reliability guarantees but also on how such guarantees translate (or not) to real-world applications. Further, the talks and the panel will aim at discussing (1) properties of ML algorithms that make them more preferable than others from a reliability and robustness lens such as interpretability, consistency, transportability etc. and (2) tooling support that is needed for ML developers to check and build for reliable and robust ML. The discussion will be grounded on real-world applications of ML in vision and language tasks, healthcare, and decision making. (More)

Recent advances in machine learning techniques such as deep learning (DL) has rejuvenated data-driven analysis in aerospace and integrated building systems. DL algorithms have been successful due to the presence of large volumes of data and its ability to learn the features during the learning process.
The performance improvement is significant from the features learnt from DL techniques as compared to the hand crafted features. This talk demonstrates using deep belief networks (DBN), deep auto encoders (DAE), deep reinforcement learning (DRL) and generative adversarial networks (GAN) in five different aerospace and building systems applications: (i) estimation of fuel flow rate in jet engines, (ii) fault detection in elevator cab doors using smart phone, (iii) prediction of chiller power consumption in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, (iv) material and structural characterization of aerospace parts, and (v) end-to-end control of high-precision additive manufacturing process. (More)

H. James Wilson, Managing Director of Accenture Research, presents his lates book “Reimagining Work in the Age of AI” at Tatarklubben November 6th, 2018. Paul R. Daugherty is the co-author of the book. (More)

To develop equitable and trustworthy technology, we must understand how AI performs in practice, and guide and shape the way AI interacts with humans. Lightning talks from Juliana Bidadanure, Mark Duggan, Jennifer Pan, David Engstrom and Daniel Ho; followed by a panel discussion moderated by James Manyika and featuring Susan Athey, Erik Brynjolfsson, Kate Crawford and Tristan Harris. (More)

The ultimate purpose of AI should be to enhance our humanity, not diminish or replace it. Diving into this subject at our Stanford HumanAI Symposium: Lightning talks from Michael Bernstein, Emma Brunskill, Serena Yeung and Dorsa Sadigh; followed by a panel discussion moderated by Eric Horvitz, Russ Altman, Justine Cassell, Fernanda Viégas and Bob Zhang. (More)

Highlighting our work developing AI technologies inspired by the versatility and depth of human intelligence: Lightning talks by Michael Frank, Surya Ganguli and Percy Liang; followed by a panel discussion moderated by Reid Hoffman and featuring Jeff Dean, Alison Gopnik, Demis Hassabis and Chris Manning. (More)

Best Artificial intelligence AI stocks to buy now | Stocks based on AI | AI stocks in india | Shares (More)

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1281 w/Tom Papa: (More)

In this video we will be using the Python Face Recognition library to do a few things (More)

China is the world leader in facial recognition technology. Discover how the country is using it to develop a vast hyper-surveillance system able to monitor and target its ethnic minorities, including the Muslim Uyghur population. (More)

Here is a detailed discussion of the Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency in Natural Language Processing.
NLP playlist: (More)

Welcome to Zero to Hero for Natural Language Processing using TensorFlow! If you’re not an expert on AI or ML, don’t worry — we’re taking the concepts of NLP and teaching them from first principles with our host Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney). (More)

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What You’ll Learn:
– Introduction to Chatbot
– Build your first intelligent conversational bots with no coding knowledge
– Create topics from existing webpages
– Improve your Chatbot using entities, variables, and topic redirects
– Power Automate & other integrations
– Chatbot optimization (More)

Create intelligent chatbots directly in Microsoft Teams using Power Virtual Agents (PVA). We’ll also show how the integration with the Bot Framework Composer lights up new capabilities for building even richer custom experiences. Jeremy Chapman is joined by Emma Archer, Principal Group Program Manager for Power Virtual Agents, who shows you how easy it is to create a new PVA bot in Teams and how to extend it with custom capabilities, leveraging the Bot Framework Composer. (More)

Are you a cyber security professional?
Learn how cyber threats operate, which vulnerabilities need to be fixed right now and how to limit your risk in this talk. (More)

The BRAND NEW strategy to defeat the FALLEN KING using the GOLDEN SCOUT!!! (More)

Singapore aims to be a “Smart Nation” but the more it depends on I.T., the more it opens itself to cyber threats. This is the cybersecurity dilemma. Explore global incidents of cyber espionage, disinformation, disruption and pandemics and how they endanger nations. (More)

🔥Edureka CompTIA Security+ Certification Training:
This Edureka video on “Cybersecurity Tools” gives an introduction to the various tools used in the industry for the purpose of cybersecurity. You get to know different kinds of security tools in today’s IT world and how they protect us against cyber threats/attacks. The following tools are discussed in this video:
– BluVector
– Bricata
– Cloud Defender
– Contrast Security
– Digital Guardian
– Intellicta
– Mantix4
– SecBI (More)

RAFAEL is a global leader in all aspects of the Cyberspace environment, New Space technologies, and Intelligence collection and processing. RAFAEL provides governments, law enforcement agencies, and security forces around the world with novel intelligence and cyber defense solutions ‒ overcoming cyber threats and delivering state-of-the-art protection for critical infrastructures and sensitive data. Based on the company’s in-depth expertise, RAFAEL was selected to head Israel’s national Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) as well as other national-level projects including protection of Israel’s Central Credit Register (CCR), the Dominican Republic’s Financial Security Operations Center (SOC), and the cyber defense solution for the G20 Summit in Argentina.
With unparalleled expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‒ based on today’s most sophisticated SIGINT, VISINT and Space-related advances ‒ RAFAEL leads the way in the area of AI for cognitive intelligence systems, enabling organizations and governments to achieve and maintain technological superiority, and assisting them with decision-making at the national level. (More)

Google Workshop on Quantum Biology
D-Wave: Natural Quantum Computation
Presented by Geordie Rose
October 22, 2010 (More)

Geordie Rose, Founder and CTO of D-Wave Systems describes some of the challenges the team had to overcome in building the first commercial quantum computer. (More)

Using blockchain technology will generate about $62 trillion in gross added cost by the mid-2020s according to Credit Suisse. The most interesting and promising directions in the blockchain are those beyond cryptocurrencies: healthcare and medicine, logistics, land registries, government and corporate document flow. Estonia, as a leader in the implementation of electronic government services, together with the blockchain startup Guardtime, implements the creation of a unified database of medical books for the population. Georgia creates a pilot project of a unified register of land plots using blockchain. (More)

A panel of international experts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques applied to Environmental Sciences, including government, academic and private sector, will discuss the role of AI on current applications, and will provide their perspectives on the challenges and potential applications of novel AI methods. The panel will discuss regression and classification-based approaches, as well as examples of supervised and unsupervised learning problems. Specific examples, best practices and lessons learned will be highlighted. Outcomes from the session will be used to provide a framework to facilitate the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Science research initiatives. (More)

Panelists include Susan Athey, Erik Brynjolfsson, Kate Crawford, and Tristan Harris. (More)

This virtual roundtable discussion, “The Path to More Flexible AI” features a panel of MIT and IBM experts discussing some of the biggest obstacles the industry faces in developing artificial intelligence that can perform optimally in real-world situations and how techniques like neurosymbolic will help with this effort. The event was moderated by IDC analyst David Schubmehl and panel speakers include Leslie Kaelbling (MIT), Josh Tenenbaum (MIT) and David Cox (MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab). (More)

Dr. Sven Beiker
Silicon Valley Mobility, LLD (More)

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