Filmed at the NAV People’s Annual User Day on Tuesday 14th November 2017, we present the second part of the keynote session on Dynamics 365. (More)

This video on Artificial Intelligence introduces you to Artificial intelligence with a fun and simple approach. We will talk about what is Artificial Intelligence, how it’s different from Machine Learning and deep learning, its features, types, and scope. We also look at some interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence. (More)

The full uncut conversation! (More)

This is a special episode of the Bionic Bug Podcast streamed LIVE on YouTube on November 12 at 7:00PM EST. Join me for a riveting interview with Mr. Samuel Bennett to talk AI and Robotics. Mr. Bennett is currently a researcher at the Center for Naval Analyses and specializes in robotics and Russia. (More)

Using past outcomes as predictions from our pattern recognition. (More)

Using previous pattern outcomes to help us begin to predict future outcomes. (More)

The battle for the 2020 US Presidential election has begun. The Republican nominee Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Joe Biden are fighting for a place in the White House. In this video, we will analyze the US elections using Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python. You will understand how to extract tweets, store it in a CSV file, examine the tweets’ polarity, and visualize the results. Finally, you will build a word cloud based on the tweets for Trump and Biden. (More)

🔥NIT Warangal Post Graduate Program in AI & Machine Learning with Edureka:
This Edureka “Stock Prediction using Machine Learning” takes you through the basic process of predicting the trends of stock prices using machine learning architecture of LSTM while also making use of prominent Python Libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, etc. Topics covered in the tutorial are as follow:
01:30 Introduction to Stock Prediction
03:00 LSTM Architecture
05:35 Stock Prediction Model
26:35 Conclusion (More)

Elon Musk’s and Sam Harris Final Warning About Artificial Intelligence (AI) (More)

Scared of superintelligent AI? You should be, says neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris — and not just in some theoretical way. We’re going to build superhuman machines, says Harris, but we haven’t yet grappled with the problems associated with creating something that may treat us the way we treat ants. (More)

First version of Effing Robots, filmed at the PortFringe Theatre Festival, June 2019 (More)

Panelists include Jeff Dean, Alison Gopnik, Demis Hassabis, and Chris Manning. (More)

A rundown, based on my book AI in Practice, on the best examples of how trailblazing companies are using AI in practice. (More)

Whether you know it or not Artificial Intelligence Stocks are taking over your life and the companies that know how to use AI are profiting in a major way. (More)

In today’s digital age, “Data” is the new oil. There is a huge amount of data around us, and it’s expanding at an exponential rate. The challenge is that this big data set (Big Data) is noisy and heterogeneous. So, it’s very important to extract knowledge or insights from the data around us. (More)

Introducting EarthCam’s AI-powered recognition technology for identifying obstructions and performing quality control for premium time-lapse content. Using its newly-developed AI algorithms, EarthCam is currently able to process over half a million high-resolution images a day to detect if camera images are obscured by foreign objects, dirt, fog or have the presence of rain droplets on the lens. The smart software looks for 16 different components in an image, both desirable and unwanted features, and then creatively re-edits the video. Cost savings are immediately realized with instant access to presentation-ready time-lapses, free of expensive editing processes and production wait times. Clients will still enjoy hand-edited time-lapse videos at the end of their project and can now download entertaining AI-edited movies at any time on-demand. The unique videos come complete with music and on-screen graphics, to present informative updates to stakeholders and share social media-ready content for public outreach. (More)

Augmented Reality image recognition with Vuforia SDK. Placing 3D animated model on top of recognized image pattern inside of school book. (More)

Take a look at Junaio Glue’s new feature – the ability to recognize images in real-time and overlay objects on that image. The feature has been available for Android, but only with iOS 4 has the iPhone been able to do image recognition in augmented reality (AR) apps like Junaio. (More)

Use Bixby Image Recognition to identify and find similar images of any picture on your phone or taken with your camera. Great for identifying unknown plants, toys, objects and more.
Website: (More)

Announcement: New Book by Luis Serrano! Grokking Machine Learning. (More)

Intelligent automation is the convergence of artificial intelligence, business process management, robotic process automation, and enterprise integration. (More)

Learn more about Robotic Process Automation here:
Automate repetitive tasks and set your people free to focus on what really counts – enhancing the
customer experience.
Share to set it free: (More)

Deployment Videos Link : (More)

Catch up on every announcement, demo, and surprise that happened on April 2nd at the Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event. (More)

Now, with deeper integration between Power Virtual Agents and Microsoft Teams, users can easily create their own digital assistants within Teams and make them available to their colleagues to chat with. (More)

Magic Leap’s digital character Mica interacts with human Tatjana at GDC 2019. (More)

Large scale machine learning is playing an increasingly important role in improving the quality and monetization of Internet properties. A small number of techniques, such as regression, have proven to be widely applicable across Internet properties and applications. Sibyl is a research project that implements these primitives at scale and is widely used within Google. In this talk I will outline Sibyl and the requirements that it places on Google’s computing infrastructure. (More)

Mark Papermaster presents “Evolving Embedded Systems in a Self-Directed World” at Embedded World 2018! (More)

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Top 10 Creepy Examples of A.I. Gone WILD
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As our dependence on technology grows, could machines develop minds of their own? For this list, we’re searching for the creepiest, scariest moments when artificial intelligence has done or said something unsettling or dangerous, from the Battle Of The Wiki-Bots, to the Russian Robot Escaping Its Lab, and the Schizo-Robo. (More)

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