Data science combined with artificial intelligence is set to create change that this world has never seen. What can computers do and what will they be able to do in order to impact the world. Fred Blackburn tackles some of the country’s most critical issues–terrorist activities, drug interdiction, and even driverless vehicles. He leads the Justice, Homeland Security, and Transportation division of Booz Allen Hamilton, a top consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Previously, he led both the analytics and predictive intelligence business areas for commercial, civil, defense, and security clients. He is an expert as using data and analytics to solve today’s complex problems. Before joining Booz Allen in 2008, Fred headed up the management consulting division at Northrop Grumman/TASC. As a director, he was responsible for acquisition management, decision analysis, cost and risk analysis, financial management, intelligence analysis, and change management. Recognized for his achievements, Fred was awarded two Director of Central Intelligence Meritorious Unit Citations for his contributions to the Future Imagery Architecture Joint Management Office and his support to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at (More)

With the increasing rate of development in technology, we must wonder – when it will come to a point where the artificial intelligence we create surpass humans and when will ai take over the world? Inventions like the robot Sophia, or ASIMO are already frighteningly advanced – will robots replace humans one day in the near future?
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In the first of our three-video series, we demonstrate how our AI apps help industries like transportation and distribution solve real business problems and increase profits while reducing waste. See how is changing the transportation industry. (More)

We need tools that can help us – both clinicians and patients – make better healthcare decisions. Yet in order to do so, those tools need to “think like we do” … and the key to natural intelligence is not simply X better than Y, but rather sequences of decisions over time. To best assist us, our clinical computing tools should approximate the same process. Such an approach ties to future developments across the broader healthcare space: cognitive computing, smart homes, cyborg clinicians, and robotics. (More)

How to be a good parent to artificial intelligence
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Until we can design a mind that’s superhuman and flawless, we’ll have to settle for instilling plain old human values into artificial intelligence. But how to do this in a world where values are constantly evolving? (More)

Is this hat conscious?
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Panpsychism is the idea that there is an element of consciousness in everything in the universe. The theory goes like this: You’re conscious. Ben Goertzel is conscious. And his hat is conscious too. What if consciousness isn’t about the brain at all, but it’s as inherent to our universe as space-time?”Now, panpsychism, to me, is not even that interesting, it’s almost obvious — it’s just the foundation, the beginning for thinking about consciousness… ” says Goertzel. It’s what comes after that excites him, like the emerging technology that will let us connect our minds to bricks, hats, earthworms, other humans, and super AGIs like Sophia, and perhaps glimpse at the fabric of consciousness. Goertzel believes brain-brain interfacing and brain-computer interfacing will unfold in the coming decades, and it’s by that means that we may finally crack the nut of consciousness to discover whether panpsychism makes any sense, and to learn why humans are so differently conscious than, for example, his hat.

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Jesse asks, “How can we stop bad actors from using AI for malicious means, from deepfakes to surveillance to hijacking political systems?” (More)

WIE’s Face-to-face online English course (More)

Geordie Rose, DWAVE, Artificial Intelligence , KINDRED.
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Watch Sam Harris do a TED talk on the inevitable advance of Artificial Intelligence and that we should start think about this now. (More)

In our conversations with developers, business, and industry leaders all over the world, we hear four patterns emerging on how to apply AI to businesses and business scenarios that provide a useful frame for the conversation. Hear Corporate Vice President Steve Guggenheimer discuss these patterns. (More)

If there’s one place on Earth you can already get a glimpse of our robot-assisted future, it’s Japan. Routinely at the forefront of robotics research, the country has brought us some of the weirdest automatons, most lifelike androids, and cutest helper-bots. (More)

Hanson Robotics Limited’s Ben Goertzel, Sophia and Han at RISE 2017. (More)

At Inspectorbots we design and market a line of rugged, tele-operated, robotic platforms. We also offer custom robotic solutions. The video shows some of the custom projects which Inspectorbots has designed and developed for customers all over the world. These handmade rugged, 4×4 off-road Robots are used in a variety of industries including: Building Inspection, Law Enforcement, Industrial inspection, Manufacturing, Security, Surveillance, Education, Scientific and other Industrial Applications.
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A list of most advanced Humanoid, Industrial and Service robots that are changing the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence. (More)

This 3d medical animation provides an overview about the anatomy of the male urogenital system, with the main focus on the prostate. Prostate cancer is shown developing in the tubular ducts of the prostate. All of the general steps are then demonstrated in the animation to show how the cancerous prostate will be robotically removed during a minimally invasive procedure. (More)

When you tap on Flow, the camera activates and Flow begins to analyze the objects you put in front of it. (More)

There are many ways Glass can help simplify your life. And one of those daily chores is Grocery shopping. Either from the grocery store or right in your home, Glass, Cloud and Catchoom’s Image Recognition come together to make the perfect application of Glass in your every day life. Either from the grocery store – shop, scan, leave and your products get delivered to your home — or directly from your kitchen. This video shows how easy it is to grocery shop with Glass from your kitchen. Scan the product you need to replace, put it in your shopping cart, pay, check out and schedule delivery right from you kitchen. Glass, powered by Catchoom Glass SDK, puts your life right at your fingertips. Learn more about CraftAR Image Recognition: (More)

See how Fujitsu’s Advanced Image Recognition technology can help manufacturers automate quality control – transforming efficiency, increasing production quality and speed, driving higher customer satisfaction and revenue. (More)

The new Moultrie camera system features an updated MV2 modem and an integrated camera which is the XV7000i. It also features an Image recognition software that allows you to sort images by their content. (More)

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** RPA Training – **
This Edureka video on “UiPath Web Automation” will help you know how to automate web using UiPath. Below are the topics covered in this UiPath Web Automation: (More)

🔵 RPA Training:
This session on How Does RPA Work, will help you understand how does Robotic Process Automation work in real-life scenarios with an example.
Following topics are covered in this session:
0:41 What is RPA?
3:09 How Does RPA Work?
5:22 Benefits of RPA
7:02 Path To Become An RPA Developer (More)

Demonstrating some initial automation. Contact me at im for info on the parts. (More)

ML Systems Workshop @ NIPS 2017 (More)

In this episode, Yufeng Guo speaks to how you can use Google Cloud AI Platform Built-in Algorithms to train and deploy machine learning models without writing any training code. (More)

The accelerated pace of success in machine learning applications reflects significant improvements in specialized hardware, algorithms, and access to data. Corporations now know that they need to deploy machine learning rapidly, but they are unsure about best practices. Public sentiment has shifted from skepticism to fears of runaway AI, as well as employment, privacy, and ethical issues. The future success of machine learning depends on our ability to capture competitive advantages and manage downside risks effectively. (More)

In this episode of Eyes on Enterprise, Stephanie Wong invites Yufueng Guo, Developer Advocate for machine learning, to talk about how enterprises can incorporate ML into their environments, build workflows, and apply them to real world scenarios. Specifically, they discuss how to frame ML as descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive problems, and when to use tooling like Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit Learn, and Pytorch. (More)

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◄ Language English – 720p – Cortana problems
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Cortana problems – setting problem – speech recognition [FIX] (More)

Everybody knows that Windows Vista Speech Recognition was terrible, but just how much of a train wreck was it? Well, lets put it to the test! Can Ben write a story about a boy who goes to the shops to buy a packet of chips and a toy car, using speech recognition? Hehe, you might find that the computer decides to take the story in its own insidious direction. (More)


Apple’s digital assistant on the iPhone takes on Google’s new Assistant on the Pixel to see which one is better at handling key commands. (More)