In mathematical logic and automated theorem proving, the resolution is a rule of inference leading to a refutation theorem-proving technique for sentences in propositional logic and first-order logic. #ArtificialIntelligence #ResolutionProcess Follow me on Instagram 👉 Visit my Profile 👉 Support my work on Patreon 👉
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Resolution Example in Artificial intelligence Resolution is the process to prove a statement. Resolution is a proof technique that works this way . two clauses that contain conflicting terms. 2. Combine those two clauses and cancel out the conflicting terms. Steps in Resolution : 1. Converts facts into FOL 2. Converts FOL into CNF ( conjuctive Normal Form ) 3. negate the statement to be proved , and add the result to the knowledge base. 4. Draw Resolution graph . * find resolvable clauses and resolve them * add results of resolution into the knowledge base . * if empty clause (NIL) is produced , stop and report that original theorem is true .
Artificial Intelligence 31 Resolution Explanation with Example in Ai resolution is proof by contradiction or you can say resolution is technique which uses negotiation to prove result resolution basically is done in four steps first resolution step is conversion of given statements into predicate logic second resolution step is convert predicate logic into cnf or conjunctive normal form third resolution step take negotiation of statement that is to be proved or contradict the statement that is to be proved in resolution fourth step in resolution is resolve clause to get contradictory statement in this video i have taken example of cats like fish; cats eats everything they like;mani is cat; to prove “mani eats fish”