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Artificial Intelligence 31 Resolution Explanation with Example in Ai
resolution is proof by contradiction
or you can say resolution is technique which uses negotiation to prove result
resolution basically is done in four steps
first resolution step is conversion of given statements into predicate logic
second resolution step is convert predicate logic into cnf or conjunctive normal form
third resolution step take negotiation of statement that is to be proved or contradict the statement that is to be proved in resolution
fourth step in resolution is resolve clause to get contradictory statement
in this video i have taken example of
cats like fish; cats eats everything they like;mani is cat;
to prove “mani eats fish”



Sandeep Kumar says:

e1 : all employee earning $1400 or more per year pay taxes.
e2: some employees are sick today.
e3: no employee earn more than the president.
e4: john pays $1600 per year translate the above sentence to predicate logic

and prove that john pays tax.

Can you solve this

Dizzy Gogoi says:

Contra – dick – tion

zaryab afser says:

m sorry but you are just not good at explaining things
Try to make it more clear…. Why the fuck is your board not clean when you wrote the cnf conversion. Either improve stop teaching shit

srebrnimedved says:

Perfection 👍

Bimal chandra Nath says:

Negation symbol is wrong.and also pronunciation is wrong.not negotiation,its negation.but video is informative.keep it up.

Amogh Sharma says:

nahi atta padhate toh maat padha kyu MC ra dimag ki

Golu Malik says:

Chutiya bna ra h
Itna Complicate krra bkl

Poojan Patel says:

Two Suggestion for you to use
1) It is negation and not negotiation
2) Sign of negation was also opposite

vivek gupta says:

Contra dikson

Nikhil Tiwari says:

Good one sir best explaination☺

Amit Trivedi says:

Bhsdk bhand hai kya
Negotiations negotiations karra tabse
Bc NEGATION hai vo…Matlab negate karna!

Sudarshan Saxena says:

Why speak in english if you suck at it?
Speak in hindi and get more likes on your video.

Ayu Sh Jain says:

Good Job Bro! You nailed it!

Anuvesh Kumar says:

let's negotiate, you say 'negate' <ni-gay-t> and I won't leave this comment on all your videos.

Riya Jain says:

Keep on making videos…. Description is really appreciating …all the very best 👍

Akshat Jain says:

Nice explained

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