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Resolution Example in Artificial intelligence
Resolution is the process to prove a statement.
Resolution is a proof technique that works this way . two clauses that contain conflicting terms.
2. Combine those two clauses and cancel out the conflicting terms.

Steps in Resolution :
1. Converts facts into FOL
2. Converts FOL into CNF ( conjuctive Normal Form )
3. negate the statement to be proved , and add the result to the knowledge base.
4. Draw Resolution graph .

* find resolvable clauses and resolve them
* add results of resolution into the knowledge base .
* if empty clause (NIL) is produced , stop and report that original theorem is true .



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priyanka gupta says:

hello mam,can we solve this problem another way and proved the statement: Like,firstly we take stmt 1 and stmt 2 and then neglet the two contradictory terms that is q and negation (~q) and then we get P or R.and then take this and (~R) and after negleting both contradictory terms we finally get the P. hence proved. is it correct or not


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Hardeep Kaur says:

Definition of clause and also define inference rule

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