Join our facilitator, Australian journalist, author, and radio and television presenter, Virginia Trioli, along with our panel of internationally acclaimed researchers who have casted a critical eye on the increasing attention being paid to AI-driven applications and systems in education. This event is a collaboration between Monash Education and Monash Data Futures Institute: For other Monash Education video recordings please check out our YouTube channel: And for future events go to Monash Education events web page (most of these are available online):
Today many businesses are trying to transform to adapt to the new realities of the world. Future business models are often dependent on available technology. For example, the Uber business model is made possible because of smartphones. Technology will be a major component of those future state of any business. One of the main technologies is artificial intelligence (AI) and businesses that master AI will establish themselves in a leading and competitive position. Many studies have indicated that the faster the business integrates AI, the faster it will move forward. This means that if you are late to the game, it is almost impossible to catch up. So the question to ask is how do you establish that lead? Having gone through large scale multi-billion dollar transformations myself, and also being deeply familiar with AI, I offer some secrets on successful AI-based transformations.
RAFAEL is a global leader in all aspects of the Cyberspace environment, New Space technologies, and Intelligence collection and processing. RAFAEL provides governments, law enforcement agencies, and security forces around the world with novel intelligence and cyber defense solutions ‒ overcoming cyber threats and delivering state-of-the-art protection for critical infrastructures and sensitive data. Based on the company’s in-depth expertise, RAFAEL was selected to head Israel’s national Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) as well as other national-level projects including protection of Israel’s Central Credit Register (CCR), the Dominican Republic’s Financial Security Operations Center (SOC), and the cyber defense solution for the G20 Summit in Argentina. With unparalleled expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‒ based on today’s most sophisticated SIGINT, VISINT and Space-related advances ‒ RAFAEL leads the way in the area of AI for cognitive intelligence systems, enabling organizations and governments to achieve and maintain technological superiority, and assisting them with decision-making at the national level.
The afore-mentioned responsibility encompasses the encouragement of creative practices, as well as an openness for polymaths and cross-disciplinary approaches. There is a strong expectation that art-science-technology collaborations provide a valuable strategy for developing new and before unknown approaches by embracing errors and encouraging diversity, which allows a reflection on itself and its impact on society. These reflexions are essential for the creation of functioning human-machine interfaces in the further development steps of artificial intelligence. Anna Maria Brunnhofer works at the interface of business and creativity in strategy and experience consulting. Her focus is on contemporary technologies and their potential to change existing structures. With her broad background in economics and ethics, fashion design, art studies, and philosophy, her holistic approach to physical and digital matters is a particular strength. Ars Electronica
2019 New Shape Forum: Weapons Governance – Day 1 – Lighting pitch 7 – Dan Faggella (Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research), Weaponized Artificial Intelligence – Critical dual-use applications and trends.
2019 New Shape Forum: Weapons Governance – Day 1 – Lighting pitch 7 – Dan Faggella (Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research), Weaponised Artifical Intelligence – Critical dual-use applications and trends.
BSides Detroit 13 June 7-8, 2013 Abstract: Evolving threats. Shrinking budgets. More to do. New compliance rules. Where do I start? How do I pick what’s most important? What are my peers doing? How do I get management support? Is security even achievable?The Center for International and Strategic Studies (CSIS) Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense can help you sort through the chaos and be your roadmap to success, whether you are a small shop, a large organization on its way to ISO 27000, or beholden to NIST 800-53. This consensus driven distillation of critical controls, driven by actual, not theoretical threats, draws from the experiences of not only some of the top commercial forensic investigators but many arms of government including the DoD, FBI, NSA, the Department of State, the Department of Energy Nuclear Laboratories, and more.These controls were formerly known as the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls. Speaker: Ken Evans
This animation contains a set of high security measures and controls that can be applied across an organisation in order to improve its cyber defence. The controls (and sub-controls) focus on various technical measures and activities, with the primary goal of helping organisations prioritise their efforts to defend against the current most common and damaging computer and network attacks.