Computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what could go wrong. August Bradley’s guest is Chris Paine, director of the AI documentary film “Do You Trust This Computer?” and previously the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. The new film is a powerful examination of artificial intelligence centered around insights from the most high-profile thinkers on the subject, including Elon Musk, Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, Ray Kurzweil, Andrew Ng, Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan and many more. Chris set out to ask these leaders in the field “what scares smart people about AI”, and they did not hold back. Subscribe to the MIND & MACHINE future-tech newsletter: Podcast Audio version at: More on Chris and the Film: Chris Paine’s Production Company, Papercut Films: “Do You Trust This Computer?” Website: __________ MIND & MACHINE features interviews by August Bradley with bold thinkers and leaders in transformational technologies. Subscribe to the MIND & MACHINE newsletter: MIND & MACHINE Website: Subscribe to the podcast on: iTunes: Overcast: Android or Other Apps: Show Host August Bradley on Twitter:
AI and the future of society Chris Boos, Founder and CEO, arago, Germany
More about the conference: About the talk There have been a handful of discussions around the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the Documentarian. Will it replace the work we do, supplement it, or present us with new opportunities and tools? In this presentation, I survey the landscape and provide an overview of the present and potential future of technical writing alongside our artificial overlords. I will look at tips and tricks for writing for conversational interfaces, and the opportunities for our community. I will show prototypes of integrating a growing number of tools for building bots on top of existing documentation and ponder in which contexts they might be useful, and if they are worth it. I will look at tools that help us write and manage knowledge better, and wonder who is in control of who? I will look at the traditional academic areas of linguistics, how NLP sits alongside them, and how documentarians can sit perfectly in the middle. Our Speaker Chris Ward is a Contract Technical Writer at Gregarious Mammal, Germany. Former musician, dabbled in development for a few years, now passionate about good technical content and developer experience. Also enthusiastic about interactive fiction, games, and more. Video by:
Wie kann der Mittelstand in Deutschland das Silicon Valley überholen By Chris Boos, Arago Shortcuts: 1. Start (1:13) About HINTERLAND: At HINTERLAND Germany’s brightest innovators come together to create a joined digital future with leading hidden champions: Rocket Mittelstand! Contact us: Visit: Be part of the next HINTERLAND! About Chris Boos: Chris Boos is the Founder and CEO of Arago, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company in Germany that enables the established economy to reinvent their business models in the digital age. Chris Boos has a mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through AI. Chris is a strong believer in integrating machine reasoning and machine learning, and is constantly challenging current thinking on AI. As a strategic corporate and political advisor as well as angel investor, Chris’ multifaceted engagement for AI makes him a much-respected public speaker and thought-leader.
Chris Bishop discusses the progress and opportunities of artificial intelligence research. Subscribe for weekly science videos: The last five years have witnessed a dramatic resurgence of excitement in the goal of creating intelligent machines. Technology companies are now investing billions of dollars in this field, new research laboratories are springing up around the globe, and competition for talent has become intense. In this Discourse Chris Bishop describes some of the recent technology breakthroughs which underpin this enthusiasm, and explores some of the many exciting opportunities which artificial intelligence offers. Chris Bishop is the Laboratory Director at Microsoft Research Cambridge and is a professor of computer science at the University of Edinburgh. He has extensive expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This Discourse was filmed at the Royal Institution on 28 October 2016. Subscribe for regular science videos: The Ri is on Twitter: and Facebook: and Tumblr: Our editorial policy: Subscribe for the latest science videos: