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Computer AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what could go wrong. August Bradley’s guest is Chris Paine, director of the AI documentary film “Do You Trust This Computer?” and previously the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car?”. The new film is a powerful examination of artificial intelligence centered around insights from the most high-profile thinkers on the subject, including Elon Musk, Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, Ray Kurzweil, Andrew Ng, Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan and many more. Chris set out to ask these leaders in the field “what scares smart people about AI”, and they did not hold back.

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MIND & MACHINE features interviews by August Bradley with bold thinkers and leaders in transformational technologies.

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TRUTH says:

Amazing Analysis, Added To My AI Research Library, Deployed Worldwide Through The TRUTH Network…

Lynda Campbell says:

This is not a good thing there will be no jobs for humans they're already using robots and artificial intelligence to do surgeries there's going to be no jobs anywhere and not a good thing I don't trust anything about this but starts to think for itself is a problem

TRUTH says:

Excellent Analysis, Added To My AI Research Library, Sharing Through The TRUTH Network Worldwide…

Frank Zetroc says:

I Love your podcast ! i listen to it every day at work! great conversations ! good work on the news-letter keep up the great work!!!

Metacognition88 says:

Saw the film and I thought it portrayed ai too negatively to create fear with the public. Ai like all technology can be used for good and bad.

Ai has the potential to help humanity in amazing ways but it is imperative to create a global pact with leading nations to set rules and laws. This film tilted way to much toward doom and gloom.

Matchrocket says:

That was a good show. I'm quite interested in the subject of the Singularity and AI in general. Thank you for getting such an interesting guest as Chris Paine.

0Guiltyone0 says:

if a computer is much smarter then everyone, deciding to wipe us all out would be one of the last things it would do, because that would be stupid..

Jailson Souto says:

Muito obrigado por essa ótima entrevista!

Wilheim Rupenshire says:

Important stuff to think about. Thanks for talking about this.

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