AIs can now generate written content, we call this Natural Language Generation (NLG) and the advances in this field are pretty amazing. (More)

PowerPoint now includes AI technologies to help people create better presentations and become better presenters. Come see how AI helps make creating presentations quicker and easier with Designer and Presenter Coach. Learn how PowerPoint can listen to you practice and provide helpful tips for improvement. (More)

Ideas in Interactive Media
Andrew R. Brown
Professor of Digital Arts, Griffith University (More)

Over 3 billion photos are uploaded and shared on the internet every day. Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than text. What are your customers sharing on social media? And what are they tagging your brand in? And what impact do these visual conversations drive for your brand? You need comprehensive visual analytics to understand what’s really happening on social media. (More)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing disciplines, disrupting many sectors. Originally mainly for computer scientists and engineers, it has been expanding its horizons and empowering many other disciplines contributing to the development of many novel applications in many sectors. These include medicine and health care, business and finance, psychology and neuroscience, physics and biology. However, one of the disciplines in which artificial intelligence has not yet been fully explored and exploited yes is education. In this discipline, many research methods are employed by scholars and lecturers to investigate the impact of different instructional approaches on learning and on the acquisition of skills and knowledge by learners. One of these methods is qualitative research, a scientific method grounded in observations that manipulates and analyses non-numerical data. It focuses on seeking answers to why and how a particular observed phenomenon occurs rather than on its occurrences. This study is aimed at exploring and discussing the impact of artificial intelligence on qualitative research methods in education. In particular, it focuses on how artificial intelligence can empower qualitative research methods, employed in education, for enhancing teaching and learning. (More)

Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, covers the results of the democratic vote from the AGI token holding community to determine whether or not to move forward with the Phase 2 Initiative involving AGI on ADA Cardano. DON’T MISS OUT, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER: (More)

How do we enable decentralised control of AI, and ultimately AGI? In his presentation at the 2019 Rise of AI Conference, Dr. Goertzel presents SingularityNET’s approach to mustering the power of decentralized AI and connecting the centralised, corporate world to open source, decentralised technology. (More)

#ai #research #blockchain (More)

Talk at Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics ( on May 21st, 2018 (More)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology poses serious ethical risks to individuals and society. Cansu Canca, Philosopher and AI Ethics Lab’s Founder & Director, explains how we can deal with these risks more effectively if we approach them as puzzles and solve them using tools from applied philosophy. (More)

👉Know what is corona, what is machine learning,how machine learning technology can be used to fight corona, corona virus predictions and lot more.
#fightingcovid19withmachinelearning #covid19 #covid19outbreakprediction #machinelearning #covid19technology (More)

Neal Jean, Michael Xie, Stefano Ermon, Matt Davis, Marshall Burke, David Lobell
“Combining satellite imagery and machine learning to predict poverty”
Stanford University Depts of Computer Science and Earth Systems Science
4th International Conference on
Computational Sustainability
July 7, 2016
3:30 PM, Machine and Statistical Learning for Conservation, Poverty, Energy, and Climate (More)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Machine Learning Linear Regression Model using Python. You will be analyzing a house price predication dataset for finding out the price of a house on different parameters. You will do Exploratory Data Analysis, split the training and testing data, Model Evaluation and Predictions. (More)

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has become the most buzzed topic these days. Its outbreak has taken the world by storm. In this video, we’ll see what Coronavirus is, how did it emerge, and what are its symptoms. Then, we will see what has been its impact so far and analyze the outbreak of Coronavirus across various regions, visualize them using charts and graphs, and predict the number of upcoming confirmed cases using the Linear Regression model in Python. Finally, we’ll look at the various safety measures that you can take to save yourself from getting attacked by Coronavirus. (More)

Time series is the fastest growing category of data out there! It’s a series of data points indexed in time order. Often, a time series is a sequence taken at successive equally spaced points in time. In this video, I’ll cover 8 different time series techniques that will help us predict the price of gold over a period of 3 years. We’ll compare the results of each technique, and even consider using a learning technique. From Holts Winter Method to Vector Auto Regression to Reinforcement Learning, we’ve got a lot to cover here. Enjoy! (More)

“2062: The World that AI Made” (Australia) by Toby Walsh with kartik Borikar (More)

The Future is Now: Meredith Broussard, Toby Walsh & Anupama Raju (More)

Toby Walsh, one of the world’s leading experts in Artificial Intelligence whose fascinating book 2062 postulates the year by which machines will be as intelligent as humans, in conversation with Madanmohan Rao on the implications for us all of the dizzying advances in AI, what the scenario of living with fully functioning AI will be like, and what choices we should be making today to ensure that the coming future will be safe and bright for us. (More)

주제 : AI 세계의 교육과 윤리 (More)

Tech Day // Pause Fest 2016 (More)

When Microsoft acquired deep learning startup Maluuba in January, Maluuba’s highly respected advisor, the deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio, agreed to continue advising Microsoft on its artificial intelligence efforts. Bengio, head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, recently visited Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, campus, and took some time for a chat. (More)

Professor Stuart Russell, one of the world’s leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence, has come to consider his own discipline an existential threat to humanity. In this video he talks about how we can change course before it’s too late. (More)

As in his book, Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, James shows that the true value of AI can only be unlocked when humans and machines work in complementary ways. He presents on how human + machine collaborative partnerships are regularly and pervasively outperforming human-only and machine-only teams and will provide insights into how companies focus their AI activities, attention, and investments to capture this human + machine premium. (More)

Hospitals and health systems can license this video for marketing or patient use. Learn more: (More)

Ten amazing robots that can surprise you when you’ll see it!
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Watch best robotic dance performed by Furkan from Uttam Nagar Delhi. Search for India’s biggest Indian dancing star, judged by Mithun Chakraborty, on Dance India Dance aired on Zee TV. (More)

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John Oliver takes a look at facial recognition technology, how it’s used by private companies and law enforcement, and why it can be dangerous. (More)

Now that we understand some of the basics of of natural language processing with the Python NLTK module, we’re ready to try out text classification. This is where we attempt to identify a body of text with some sort of label. (More)

We invest heavily in machine learning to continually improve our member experience and optimize the Netflix service end-to-end. As researchers, we innovate using machine learning in many areas where we research, design, implement, evaluate, and productionalize models and algorithms through both offline experiments and online A/B testing. (More)

AI Platform Pipelines are an excellent way to improve the reliability and reproducibility of your data science and machine learning workflows. In this episode, Yufeng demonstrates how to set up AI Platform Pipelines to address your MLOps needs. (More)

Cloud Tensor Processing Units (TPUs ) enable machine learning engineers and researchers to accelerate TensorFlow workloads with Google-designed supercomputers on Google Cloud Platform. This talk will include the latest Cloud TPU performance numbers and survey the many different ways you can use a Cloud TPU today – for image classification, object detection, machine translation, language modeling, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, and more. You’ll also get a sneak peak at the road ahead. (More)

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