Digital twins are a key piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Digital twins create an accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems to boost productivity, streamline operations and increase profits. (More)

Digital Twins are virtual models of the physical world. They use the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and complex data in models that create insights and support (real-time) decision making. It is perhaps healthcare that holds the greatest potential for Digital Twins. (More)

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Biometrics & Security Explain With detail Every smartphone (More)

The Healthy Back Institute Is Hiring For Virtual Agents To Work From Home. It is a part time, mid level position.
The starting Salary is $13/hr with tons of potential for growth!
Healthy Back Institute: (More)

Whats up my friends?! (More)

This is a continuation of my ‘Introduction to Power Virtual Agents’ video blog I released two weeks ago. In this video I deep-dive into how Power Virtual Agent (PVA) can trigger Power Automate flows to make the chat bot response more efficient. The video shows some tips and tricks to improve the chat bot’s response format. (More)

The questions: What is machine learning in data science & what is machine learning used for are a bit ironic since the ML algorithms of youtube are what determined to show you this video in the first place. On this video you will learn the science behind ML or machine learning and a.i or artificial intelligence and what they are used for. Deep learning is another concept that we will focus on another video. Machine learning and ai on the other hand are going to shape the future of our lives since they are being used in the 21st century global economy. Data scientists will have more oppurtunities to focus their attention on creating ML artificial intelligence systems. We’ve already seen “Sophia” an A.I Robot that responds intelligently on peopl’se questions. This will become the norm as machine learning develops in the coming years. Watch the video to learn more about ML and data science. (More)

Watch Google’s Jeff Dean talk about Google Brain and the Brain Residency Program. Jeff will will discuss the current state of the Google Brain Team, Tensorflow, the future directions of Brain and tell you a bit more about our Google Brain Residency Program (2017 application open now! Check out for more info! The first part of the video gives an overview of the work going on in the Google Brain team, and at 32:56 is a discussion about the specifics of the Brain Residency program. (More)

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence today? But what is it? How and when it is going to have an impact in our lives? (More)

Technology should work for us, but what happens when it doesn’t? Comedian Chuck Nice explores the unintended consequences of technological advancement and human interaction — with hilarious results. (More)

What are the chances that we are artificial intelligence beings living in a virtual world? Oleg lays out evidence that suggests that those chances are much higher than we believe. (More)

Joanna Bryson, Computer Scientist at University of Bath gives the talk, “Information professionals and intelligent machines: Can we save the librarians?” (More)

In his new book, Deep Medicine, Eric Topol – cardiologist, geneticist, digital medicine researcher – claims that artificial intelligence can put the humanity back into medicine. By freeing physicians from rote tasks, such as taking notes and performing medical scans, AI creates space for the real healing that occurs between a doctor who listens and a patient who needs to be heard. The counterintuitive recognition that technology can create space for compassion in the clinical setting could mean fewer burned-out doctors, more empowered patients, cost savings, and an entirely new way to approach medicine. (More)

Kai-Fu Lee (李开复) is a Taiwanese venture capitalist, technology executive, writer, and computer scientist. He is currently based in Beijing, China. (More)

When artificial intelligence emerged, people imagined the A.I. revolution as robots killing humanity. Today, we are less afraid of robots taking our lives and more afraid of them taking our jobs – medical professionals and nurses included. (More)

While artificial intelligence lacks empathy, reason, and even basic common sense, we already rely on it to make major decisions that affect human lives. Who gets hired? Who gets fired? Who goes to college? Who goes to jail? Whose life is saved by an organ transplant? Whose life is ended in a military strike? Machine algorithms guide us in all these decisions and, as our group of leading researchers will demonstrate, they often do a better job than we do. Good or bad, this train has left the station, so jump aboard for an eye-opening look at the brave new world of today… and tomorrow. (More)

Title: Break Into AI: A Q&A with Andrew Ng on Building a Career in Machine Learning
Speaker: Andrew Ng
Date: 12/4/2018 (More)

In the video: 10. Blockchain and Analytics in the Cloud | Tech2Teach (More)

AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone–especially your non-technical colleagues–to take. (More)

Moderated by Katherine Gorman, Executive Producer, Talking Machines (More)

The highly selective and rigorous 11-month online PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI, co-developed by IIIT Bangalore and UpGrad aims to prepare professionals for advanced Data Science and Machine Leaning roles. (More)

Detecting and starting treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at an age of 18 to 24 months can increase a child’s IQ by up to 17 points—in some cases moving them into the “average” child IQ range of 90-110 (or above it)—and improving the child’s quality of life significantly. Researchers at Duke University are using Machine Learning on AWS to create a faster, less expensive, more reliable, and more accessible system to screen children early for ASD. (More)

This video on the Artificial Intelligence tutorial will make you learn in detail about the different concepts involved in AI. First, you will understand the basics of AI. Since AI is a combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, you will learn about Machine Learning with hands-on demo. Then, you will get an idea about the top 10 applications of Machine Learning. This tutorial will also help you learn about Deep Learning in Python using TensorFlow. You will come across some essential Deep Learning applications. Finally, you will learn how to become an AI Engineer and look at some vital machine learning and deep learning interview questions. Now, let’s dive in and learn artificial intelligence in detail. (More)

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My Journey Learning ML and AI through Self Study as a High School Student
Sachi Parikh (More)

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Should you be worried about progress in Artificial Intelligence? Will Artificial Intelligence destroy jobs? Should we fear killer robots? Does Artificial Intelligence threaten our very existence?. (More)

Today, we’re chatting with AI expert, activist, and author Toby Walsh. Toby is a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence. (More)

Showreel (More)

ICRA 2020 Keynote Talk: How long before Killer Robots?
Toby Walsh
UNSW Sydney
Fellow, Australian Academy of Science (More)

CEO of Plutoshift and author of 13 books on Artificial Intelligence. Featured on NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes 30 Under 30, TechCrunch, and more. Invited speaker at TEDx, Global Big Data Conference, Machine Learning Developers Conference, and Sensors Expo. (More)

10 incredible cases when artificial intelligence shocked its creators. What is the artificial intelligence capable of. Smart neural networks. AI Bugs. Amazing facts about artificial intelligence. (More)

Think you know your AGI from your ASI? Or that artificial intelligence belongs to the unrealistic realms of science fiction? Think again. (More)

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