Künstliche Intelligenz und Maschinen haben bis heute gezeigt, wie gut sie darin sind, zu analysieren und zu rechnen. (More)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is believed to be the core of the next industrial revolution, but many questions remain. How can public trust in AI? How can privacy be protected in the “big data” era? How will AI impact the labor market?
The CGTN Focus Group arrives in Shenzhen, China’s hub of technological innovation, to listen to insiders as part of our special coverage of the Boao Forum for Asia. (More)

In this programme the world’s leading experts attempt to build an artificial human based on actress Gemma Chan, star of the sci-fi series Humans, for a ground-breaking scientific stunt that will test just how far away we are from ‘synthetic’ humans. (More)

The big change Artificial Intelligence is bringing applies not only to individuals but also business as well. (More)

As machine learning systems enter the open world, their accountability becomes a high priority problem. Accountability requires deep understanding of system behavior and its failures. Characterization of failures and shortcomings is particularly complex for systems composed of multiple machine learned components. In this talk, I will discuss our work on troubleshooting and in-depth failure analysis for such systems. First, I will present a methodology for applying counterfactual analysis with humans in the loop for the purpose of understanding which component fixes are the most effective ones for a given system architecture. Second, I will describe the functionalities and tools that we have built for detailed system performance analysis and prediction. Both works will be illustrated via a real-world case study example of a machine learning pipeline for image captioning. (More)

AI – everyone is talking about it but who is actually doing it (and generating business results). This session takes an industry by industry perspective on true AI adoption disambiguating the hype from the reality, the theoretical from the practical and the research labs from ROI.
This presentation provides:
Showcase companies getting actual real value from leveraging artificial intelligence and discuss ideas around how any company, from SMB to enterprise, can use artificial intelligence within their own business and industry.
See examples of AI working in the real world featuring the following industries:
– eCommerce/Retail
– Robotics and IoT
– Agriculture Technology
– Education (More)

Artificial intelligence stocks could add another $30 trillion to the economy AND your portfolio! I’m digging into the research to find the best AI stocks for your money. (More)

Telegram Channel – https://t.me/krisdominvestor
Join this channel to get access to perks:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrzAWJh-XAfTB_4TSaleYRg/join (More)

Telegram Channel – https://t.me/krisdominvestor
Join this channel to get access to perks:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrzAWJh-XAfTB_4TSaleYRg/join (More)

There’s a massive bait-and-switch at the center of facial recognition technology. (More)

VICE’s Elle Reeve heads to China to investigate the rise of facial recognition technology — and what that means for all of us. (More)

Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live! https://bit.ly/3aIXwl7 (More)

** Edureka Python Certification Training: https://www.edureka.co/python **
This Edureka video on ‘Robot Framework With Python’ explains the various aspects of robot framework in python with a use case showing web testing using selenium library. Following are the topics discussed in this Robot Framework Tutorial: (More)

Built for business and IT, the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform will always provide you with a consistent automation edge over your competition. Watch the video for a thorough induction on the Platform’s main components and get ready to start your automation journey. (More)

Learn from experts how to succeed with AI and automation. Watch the full recording of UiPath Live! https://bit.ly/3aIXwl7 (More)

Deposit cash into an NCR SelfServ ATM without the need for an envelope. When it comes to atm machines, accepting checks and cash, or paying bills, fines and fees can be difficult. But not any more. With NCR’s Intelligent Deposit atm machines, you can offer your customers and non-customers advanced, deposit-based transactions like foreign exchange, loan repayment, check cashing and processing and bill payment. (More)

This is the Interior of all new JCB 3Dx ecoExcellence with all new 76Hp JCB engine. This new variant doesn’t come with Kirlosker engine that was there in the old JCB. This is the 2018 model JCB with 2 wheel drive. (More)

Easier for a mobile phone shop, Refox Intelligent Mobile Phone Screen Protector Film Cutting Machine can help.
Thanks For Subscribe: http://bit.ly/JaiPhone1 (More)

Factory machines that even the devil doesn’t think of. Intelligent production process. (More)

An automated typewriter that takes dictation. (More)

We’ll show you how to use Google Docs to transcribe your voice. All you need to do is enable the feature, and then you’ll be able to simply talk, and Google Docs will convert it to text. (More)

Hi Android User, This Video is Google Keyboard (GBoard). How to Write or Type Bangla Voice Keyboard. It is Bangla Voice Typing Keyboard. So you can start Bangla Speech to Text in Android. You Just Speak in Bangla, English, Hindi or any language then Voice Typing Bangla, English, Hindi……. (More)

With over 2M apps around today, it is becoming clear that we need new ways to accessing content and services on smartphones. The solution is a mix of Artificial Intelligence and Context-Awareness, which major OSs have started implementing (Siri, Google Now, Proactive, ..) (More)

Resolution Example in Artificial intelligence
Resolution is the process to prove a statement.
Resolution is a proof technique that works this way .
1.select two clauses that contain conflicting terms.
2. Combine those two clauses and cancel out the conflicting terms. (More)

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pa.gs.ai (More)

This project was my entry to Brown University (US) Admission Application where students had to upload a video showing their personal projects.
It showcases the current features and possibilities of the project.
It is a personal project so I am unable to share the source code. But I will drop some resources where you can learn and start working on your program. You can get a basic understanding of Chatbots and Speech Recognition through courses offered by ‘Stanford’ and ‘DeepLearning’ on Coursera and get started. I might upload a tutorial of some kind in the future showing the basic code to get started. Thank you for understanding! (More)

From Google I/O’18
This is really some fascinating stuff. (More)

This python AI project will teach you how to make a virtual assistant like iron man Jarvis in Python.
►Source Code: https://codewithharry.com/videos/python-tutorials-for-absolute-beginners-120
00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Python Course Information
02:35 – Jarvis AI Basic Details
05:45 – Jarvis AI Demo
09:36 – Downloading VS Code & Python IDLE
10:08 – Starting VS Code (Coding begins here!)
10:54 – Defining Speak Function – This Function will program your Jarvis to speak something.
15:25 – Defining Wishme Function – This Function will make your Jarvis wish you according to system time.
18:27 – Defining Take command Function – This Function will allow your Jarvis to take microphone input from the user and returns a string output.
27:30 – Coding logic of Jarvis
28:04 – Defining Task 1: To search something on Wikipedia
31:24 – Defining Task 2: To open YouTube site in browser
32:34 – Defining Task 3 : To open Google site in browser
33:37 – Defining Task 4 : To play music
36:58 – Defining Task 5 : To know current time
38:45 – Defining Task 6 : To open VS Code Program
41:05 – Defining Task 7 : To send E-mail
44:03 – Declaring Send email function – It will define all crucial things like to whom you wanna send an email and its content.
50:52 – Free Python Course Details
51:26 – Recapitulate
56:13 – Is it an AI?
58:30 – The END (More)

【Guys this video is before the google assistant was introduced on all android platforms. Now you can simply use Google assistant for command purpose but voice access will still be needed.Thank you. (More)

https://www.tanbooks.com/ type SF15 at Checkout for 15% off (More)

Understanding AI Ethics is difficult because clear definitions of both Intelligence and Ethics are rare. Here I describe Intelligence as generating context-specific action, and Ethics as the behaviours that create (including define) a society. I draw on these definitions to describe scientifically-grounded expectations for the impact of intelligent artefacts on human society. (More)

The next frontier in digital advertising will be using technology to predict which marketing messages are most persuasive with consumers and to deliver them at the right time. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help to personalize advertising while also protecting privacy, balancing consumer concerns with the goals of marketers who fret about the loss of third-party cookies for ad targeting. (More)

Stuart Russell, Professor at UC Berkeley and AI pioneer explains how it will be up to us to teach robots how to make the right decisions.
The Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2017 (More)

To learn more, please visit https://ce.uci.edu/areas/healthcare/healthcare_analytics/ (More)

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