BigDog Evolution

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Three generations of BigDog, including robot pup and recent highlights. 2004-2010.


Ilyin Igor says:

Будущее не за горами.

Vladimir S. says:

Like if you're watching this after Black Mirror's "Metalhead".

Owen Hill says:

that is one stable michens

Jason Switkes says:

Stop the robot abuse!

The Pickle Of Destiny says:

i want one as a pet now

Anthony Owens says:

I didn't know that it was actually in service

Tanner Henry says:

Not to far from a panzerhound

White Noise says:

Cyberbullying isn't cool stop glorifying this with this song

Dun Farkle says:

I feel so bad for those robots

Daniel Blaney says:

have you guys made any robots that walk like a digitgrade animal like a cat or dog. So both a knee and an ankle in the following orientations. Retractable claws might be a useful innovation for low traction situations as well.,w_1920,f_auto/DCTM_Penguin_UK_DK_AL510987_ncedxp.jpg

um gui says:

big dog can do something more than THAT. why is it always 'THAT'? :/

Eliisa Halonen says:


Me: C'mon, BigDog, get yer shit together.

Bina Ahmed says:

metal gear : the early years

That1SpaceCat says:

Am I the only one that gasped at 0:48 when it fell down the hill?

ifer asdf says:

J.L. Bourne's Day by Day Armageddon Ghost Run and Laska brought me Here

I'm Sleep says:

It's like the dog from Jimmy neutron!

Enzzy XD says:

0:51 that scared the living mother of god outta me

Enzzy XD says:


Sam Carmichael says:

That's my jam !
I was just making a pan of corn bread to it the other day
Let the big dog's eaaat whooooooo

Patata Galactica says:

It looks like gekos of Metal Gear but with four legs and in a mini version

Raz Fiasco says:

Definitely need a .50 cal for something like this lol.

Backyard Arsenal says:

Kinda sad that this thing is made for war ?

Tilikum-The-Orca says:

Who else misses bigdog?

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