Universal Computers and Quantum AI | Nell Watson | TEDxAntwerp

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Recent experiments in Optoelectronic reservoir computing show that computation can be performed within everyday physical media. This suggests intriguing possibilities with regards to the future of programmable matter and ubiquitous computing. It also raises the question of whether such computational phenomena may be found within nature, contributing to the seemingly-intelligent responses of plants, for example, or assisting the manifestation of certain complex biochemical processes.
Nell Watson has a longstanding interest in the philosophy of technology, and how extensions of human capacity drive emerging social trends. Watson lectures globally on a broad spectrum of AI-related topics. In 2010, Nell founded Poikos, a machine learning-driven AI for body measurement. She is also Co-Founder of OpenEth.org. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


Griselda Garcia says:

Gracias Nell

Uncle Ben says:

She looks like a gta 5 pedestrian.

Flemming Sørensen says:

Nerdy Nell has a good voice and a great message, but she somehow disturbs the show by being so obviously uncomfortable about being on stage.

britters220 says:

she was conceptualizing the simulated reality theory. Once you have a pattern, you can create anything into a computer. She is an example of physicists going off the deep end, she has extended beyond what the layman can understand, and forgot to simplify her language. We are the product of the universe.

alexguskov25 says:

Is she saying we can encode bacteria to do computer computations.
How absurd.
Your body is already preprogrammed , you can't get your cells to do computer work.
What a waste of time.

Samuel Luria says:

"Doing computation"

Define terms, please. Thank you.

Samuel Luria says:

Isn't a silicon chip included in "physical media"?

Kooshi Koo says:

Interesting talk, but the remark about consciouness emerging from the cells is pure speculation. The heat death of the universe is also specualtive, although less so. In essence, she speculates far too much. More science, less speculation and poetry.

Joel says:

I love how calm she is. She's not all hyped up and yelling like many tedx speakers do. Her calmness draws you in and makes you want to hear what she says. I enjoyed the content of her message as well. Recognizing some sort of intelligence in all natural systems.

ilovemusic1223 says:

One of the worst TED talks I've seen. She acts as a scientist but she's clearly not. The idea of a physical computer has been thoroughly debunked in many of Scott Aaronson's talks (you can find them on youtube). The difference compared to this talk is that Scott is an actual scientist (one of the best computer scientists in the field of quantum computing). He's also a million times more entertaining.

Jay Lang says:

Why do people who know nothing substantial about two (or more) fields like to combine them in talks that demonstrate nothing but their incompetence=?

L Lee says:

Excellent talk!!!

crazymusicman13 says:

Easily the worst TED talk I've yet seen.

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