The Long & Short Of It: The A.I. Investment Landscape

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The hype surrounding artificial intelligence, or A.I., is “well deserved” as a growing number of companies use A.I. to tap their own proprietary data assets, says Goldman Sachs Investment Banking’s Jung Min, who has already seen the technology start to shape the M&A landscape. Bolstered by the need to build an A.I. competency, companies are hiring teams of A.I. scientists and acquiring data assets. Min expects mature corporations, rather than startups, to derive the most value from AI given their volume of historical data – data that is highly valuable to draw conclusions and predict future outcomes in AI models. “The value of AI is going to show up in surprising places,” Min says. “And where I would focus is actually on…mature companies that have the business process and the data that’s going to underlie the A.I. models of the future.” Learn More


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