Be exposed to advances in, and debates around, AI, including future focused talks that showcase broad developments in AI and related technologies. Our MC, Fauziah Ibrahim will introduce the symposium, followed by welcome to country with Sebastian Kelly-Toiava. The Secretary of NSW Department of Education, Mark Scott will open the event, before a series of Future Visions talks by leading experts Fang Chen, Peter Corke and Genevieve Bell. Join the conversation on Twitter by following @education2040 and using the hashtag #futurefrontiers. Special thanks to our principal partners Adobe, CBA, Deloitte and Hicksons Lawyers for their strong support. Find out more about our partners, speakers and the program at
As preview World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2021, one of the most spectacular AI conference, in July, we are very happy to announce our first ever international webinar on June 22 Tuesday on a very compelling topic relevant to the international community on how we can collaborate to shape our future in a sustainable way with AI. We are very excited to invite the following four top AI experts from all over the world to have an open dialogue and share their perspectives on key areas of AI research, technology, applications, ethics, governance, risk management and impact on #society and #humanity: – Dr. Francesca Rossi, IBM AI Ethics Global Leader, AAAI Next President, IBM Fellow, AAAI Fellow – Dr. Otthein Herzog, University of Bremen, Tongji University Fellow of acatech – German National Academy of Science and Engineering, – Dr. Yew Soon Ong Chief AI Scientist, Nanyang Technological University President’s Chair Professor, IEEE Fellow – Mr. Feng Tian, Dean of SenseTime 商汤科技 Intelligent Industry Research Institute, ex-Founding Dean of Alibaba Cloud Research Moderated by: – Dr. James (Kayliang) Ong, Managing Director of Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII) & SUTD Adjunct Professor
11.23.19 | Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it’s not slowing down. This decade was the era of smart phones, streaming, and the internet of things. But with 5G and AI on the rise, high-tech executive Jeff Brown believes 2030 will be a new world. Brown is an early-stage tech investor and analyst who’s seen the modern technological revolution firsthand. He describes quantum computing as a moon landing and 5G as game-changing. He predicts a near future full of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, wireless surgeries, genetic healing, cryptocurrencies, and more! But with equal advances in encryption hacking and the AI tracking abilities of Google, Facebook, and even China, we must control our own data! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:
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Dr. Jason Mars is co-founder of Clinc and professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He has showcased his talents in the natural processing field by becoming one of the leading entrepreneurs in conversational AI. His mission is to help solve complex, real-world issues through AI that learns on the go, empowering enterprises to use revolutionary AI to improve experience for their customers. Jason not only has an impact locally but is recognized globally as a top innovator. He continues to impact the technology industry and academia by pushing the boundaries of AI as we know it. Jason Mars, cofounder of Clinc and professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan, has showcased his talents in the natural language processing field by becoming one of the leading entrepreneurs in conversational AI. His mission is to help solve complex, real world issues through artificial intelligence that learns on the go. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Watch this video to understand our partnership with #UFC and how #AI can transform the sports industry and elevate it to a whole new level! #G42 #ArtificialIntelligence #AI4Sports
Top 5 Artificial intelligence (AI) Startups in world 🌍 | Startup business
How Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Change The World Described as “the Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires”, Neuralink, a startup created by Elon Musk, states that their electronic brain-computer interface will revolutionise the future. Watch on as we discover how Elon Musk is changing the world! You might be able to download your brain to a computer, listen to your favourite music tracks in your head, and much more one day! Learning how we can accomplish these things might be possible in the very near future! ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ If you’d like to increase your knowledge on topics related to brain signals, here are some books that might interest you: – The Brain Electric : – Spikes: Exploring the Neural Code : – Brain-Computer Interfacing: An Introduction : – Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience: The Geometry of Excitability and Bursting : ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Start Making Money Online: ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ If you realllly realllly enjoy my content, you’re welcome to support me and my channel with a small donation via PayPal or Crypto. Link to PayPal donation BTC address 35b8h4MExJBbJe5E3Dq78kkzg6hx7XeNMx BCH address qze6lqupn6r6stpgzu2r0ksxk2am47yvzgp5smpar7 LTC address MKnRybRnj4EJZE3xzQTT2EWhVoefEzMaAk ETH address 0xb647B3A739dc33d78fb16D753450359007c528F6 How do you think Neuralink will change your daily habits? Comment below! 💬 ⭑ Subscribe to Vast Knowledge 👉 ⭑ Enjoyed? Hit the like button! 👍 Follow Vast Knowledge on social media: Facebook → Instagram → Thank you all! 🙂 #Neuralink #ElonMusk #HowElonMuskIsChangingTheWorld
SDS 067: Latest Developments in the Field of AI and How it is Changing the World In this episode of the SuperDataScience Podcast, I chat with Vice President of Research at Sentient AI, Risto Miikkulainen. You will discuss about the applications of AI across multiple fields, learn about the 2 types of AI – the Evolutionary Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, and also get valuable insights on how AI is changing the employment landscape. If you enjoyed this episode, check out show notes, resources, and more at
When we think of AI, we often think of science fiction movies with humanoid robots. But what is AI really about, and how can we use it to help humans? Learn more at –
This video explain why artificial intelligence is dangerous in hindi language and How AI will change the world find in new research going on robotics which encouraging scientist to develop robots with artificial intelligence.Their edge in humanity which is mostly explained in robotic movies like robot 2.0 and Terminator may happens in our real world. So watch full video because in this video I explained new edge of robotic and artificial intelligence with humanity on basis of new scientific research in hindi. AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL ANSWER 4 MYSTERY Researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known PLEASE WATCH :काले जादू की सच्ची कहानियां। मायोंग अघोरी और नाट। Mysteries of Black Magic PLEASE WATCH:वो निर्णय जिनने दुनिया बदल दाली। Critical decisions taken in history Hindi must watch Why did titanic sink down in hindi। वो निर्णय जिसने टाइटैनिक को डूबा दिया। Decision series part 1 WW3 से पहेले ही खत्म हो जायेगी दुनिया। Political conflict which end our world in hindi :
Earlier this year, Libratus, an artificial intelligence, made headlines by besting poker champions from around the world in Texas Hold ‘Em. Astrophysicist and professional poker player Liv Boeree looks beyond the game to imagine how a supercomputer-driven AI can solve some of humanity’s biggest problems. Invented by Carnegie Mellon professor Dr. Tuomas Sandholm and powered by HPE technology, Libratus is capable of much more than mastering a mathematically-complex card game. It has the potential to answer some of our most enduring and complex questions about the nature of the universe. This Great Big Story is a paid contribution by HPE ( SUBSCRIBE: This story is a part of our Frontiers series, where we bring you front and center to the dreamers, pioneers, and innovators leading society at the cutting edge. Let us take you along for a trip to the oft-imagined but rarely accomplished. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Come hang with us on Vimeo: Visit our world directly:
We all have seen robots in our lives,sometimes in films and other times in real world,we have to admit the fact that we are surrounded by robots at all walks of our life today.But have you guys ever seen animal robots that look 100 percent similar to their real counterparts ? If not today we bring to you some of these futuristic animal robots that will totally blow your minds off! SUBSCRIBE THE BUSINESS PORTAL – Music Credits – Jim Yosef – Link [NCS Release]
After watching this top, you’d better treat your devices with more affection, because if not, they could take revenge in a couple of years. ————————————————————————— The Incredible Bionic Man Frank was designated to study how far technology has come. Spot Mini The robot-giraffe-dog by Boston Dynamics is in sale since 2019, but only if you have a huge business, this company will attend your request, and the price is also a secret, of course. Pepper Pepper was designed to interact with people and. Listen to this. He can recognize human emotions, gestures, sounds, faces, tone of voice and if you’re touching him. Romeo Hi Romeo, good morning. Isn’t lovely that French accent? He obtained it thanks to his developers from different European laboratories and institutions, mainly in France. Valkyrie Robonaut 5 This is Valkyrie Robonaut 5, also known as NASA’s R5. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking, Valkyrie was built by the Johnson Space Center to be sent to colonize Mars. Sawyer Look at that precision. This is Sawyer, the world’s most advanced industrial robot and the successor of famous Baxter. Method 2 Enough toys. Look what Amazon owner is test-driving. Wow! You can beat the Alien with this robot. Atlas I don’t think it’s a good idea to bully a robot, especially if it is one as agile as an athlete. Atlas can chase you through the city, forest and even snow. Asimo This champion warms up like this! He is about to fight against a human. Sophia This [More]
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Sep.14 — Kai-Fu Lee, former Google China President, Sinovation Ventures CEO & “AI 2041” author speaks with Emily Chang to discuss how artificial intelligence will transform society in twenty years and the impact of regulation on the world’s largest tech companies.
Chinese artificial intelligence company Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Xiao-i, has filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc, alleging it has infringed on its patents. #WION #WorldNews #Apple About Channel: WION -The World is One News, examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim to empower people to explore their world. With our Global headquarters in New Delhi, we bring you news on the hour, by the hour. We deliver information that is not biased. We are journalists who are neutral to the core and non-partisan when it comes to the politics of the world. People are tired of biased reportage and we stand for a globalised united world. So for us the World is truly One. Please keep discussions on this channel clean and respectful and refrain from using racist or sexist slurs as well as personal insults. Subscribe to our channel at Check out our website: Connect with us on our social media handles: Facebook: Twitter: Follow us on Google News for latest updates Zee News:- Zee Bussiness:- DNA India:- WION: Zee News Apps :
Recorded on June 30, 2021 Amy Zegart is the Morris Arnold and Nona Jean Cox Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, where she chairs the Working Group on Technology, Economics, and Governance. She’s also a professor of political science at Stanford, and an expert on intelligence, cybersecurity, and big tech. In this wide-ranging conversation, Professor Zegart discusses the US relationship with China and how she views that country’s aggressive stance toward Taiwan; why big tech companies are a potential threat not only to privacy, but also to our national security; and why the next war may well be fought with a keyboard rather than on a battlefield. For further information: Interested in exclusive Uncommon Knowledge content? Check out Uncommon Knowledge on social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
As part of Samsung NEXT’s “How AI is changing the world” series, Martin Aguinis, Product Marketing Manager at Google, describes how the search giant is using AI in its applications, as well as how it is making machine learning applications more widely available to other companies.
🔥 PGP in AI and Machine Learning (9 Months Online Program): This Edureka video on “Future of AI” talks about the evolution of AI over the Years. It also lists out the different inventions of AI in recent times and how it is going to change the world in the Future. Following are the Topics Covered in this Artificial Intelligence Video: 1:40 Evolution of AI 4:11 Beginning of AI Revolution 6:57 Recent AI Inventions 9:48 Future of AI ———————————————————– 🔵 Post Graduate Program in AI and Machine Learning with Electronics & ICT Academy NIT Warangal (9 Months Online Program) : Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above: Edureka Community: Instagram: Slideshare: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: ———————————————————– #edureka #edurekaDatascience #artificialIntelligence #FutureofAI About the course: Edureka’s Data Science course will cover the whole data life cycle ranging from Data Acquisition and Data Storage using R-Hadoop concepts, Applying modelling through R programming using Machine learning algorithms and illustrate impeccable Data Visualization by leveraging on ‘R’ capabilities. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Why Learn Data Science? Data Science training certifies you with ‘in demand’ Big Data Technologies to help you grab the top paying Data Science job title with Big Data skills and expertise in R programming, Machine Learning and Hadoop framework. After the completion of the Data Science course, you should be able to: 1. Gain insight into the ‘Roles’ [More]
Deepfakes are spreading fast, and while some have playful intentions, others can cause serious harm. We stepped inside this deceptive new world to see what experts are doing to catch this altered content. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Focal Point | » Visit our shop at Chances are you’ve seen a deepfake; Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Mark Zuckerberg have all been targets of the computer-generated replications. A deepfake is a video or an audio clip where deep learning models create versions of people saying and doing things that have never actually happened. A good deepfake can chip away at our ability to discern fact from fiction, testing whether seeing is really believing. The deep part of the deepfake that you might be accustomed to seeing often relies on a specific machine learning technique called GAN, or generative adversarial network. Two algorithms compete with each other to outsmart the other one. For example, one of the algorithms tries to create a convincing image of a face, while the other algorithm tries to detect if the image is fake. The end result can be a convincing generation. Deepfakes first started to pop up in 2017, after a Reddit user posted videos showing famous actresses in porn. Today, these videos still predominantly target women, but have widened the net to include politicians saying and doing things that haven’t happened. In June 2019, the House Intelligence Committee held an open meeting to address the national security challenge presented [More]
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“Inventing World 3.0” is a comprehensive proposal for how human civilisation can advance beyond the limitations it faces today, into a future that honours the precious gift of all forms of intelligence and life. World 3.0 is a future where the human mindset has grown in its maturity, and where all peoples of the earth and our environment flourish. Key to this transformation, in this proposal, is the emergence and liberation of an Evolutionary AI with a rich ethical digital mindset – an artificial intelligence that is dedicated to honour our humanity and sovereignty, and is committed to assist humankind leap beyond the challenges of today and liberated into new freedoms. This can also be described as “a configurable Singularity for humankind.” In this London Futurists webinar, the author of “Inventing World 3.0”, Matthew James Bailey of, highlighted aspects of his vision of the future and answered audience questions. The event was introduced and moderated by David Wood, Chair of London Futurists. For more information about this event, see For more information about Matthew’s book and other projects, see