Cybersecurity vignette with CB Insights analyst Will Altman. Recorded June 20, 2018 at the Future of Fintech Conference.
Another episode of #FraudFactFriday Live! is in the books. Today, I discussed the topic of Artificial Intelligence with Daniel Faggella. Here is what we covered: FraudFactFriday Fast Facts about Daniel – 2:17 Dan’s background – 3:37 Definition of AI – 5:00 Main takeaways and scope of AI podcast – 6:00 Why the fraud fighting community should be excited about AI – 12:35 How are fraudsters using AI – 17:50 Impact of AI on false positive and false negative alerts – 21:00 Deep fakes – 22:45 What does it take for true technology adoption – 27:30 Thanks Daniel for your time! One viewer said his comment and question didn’t come through during the broadcast – Another LinkedIn Live bug 😉 If you had similar issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dan or myself about this topic.
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With a few pictures taken in a retail store, the Vispera Image Recognition Services is able to identify products on shelves, report out-of-stock SKUs and check planogram compliance. This is a modern all-in-one approach for integrated retail execution and auditing tasks powered by Vispera Image Recognition Technology. We think FMCG producers and distributors may very much enjoy what we’re bringing to the domain.
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