Today we are going over some of the most recent Tesla news including: S&P Refusing to upgrade Tesla Stock into an “Investment Grade” Rating. Leaked Texts from Elon Musk questioning Bill gates on his stance on climate change What the House of Republican Representatives demand for Elon Musk with Twitter And Updates on Tesla New LFP batteries 0:35 SNP Refusing to Upgrade Tesla 4:07 Leaked Texts 5:53 House of Representatives Demands for Elon After Tesla’s q1 record Q1 Earnings, the S&P was considering upgrading Tesla Stock to what is called an “Investment Grade”. For those who may not know, an “Investment grade” is a rating that is still used by many management funds today to determine if a certain stock is worth including in their funds. Despite Tesla joining the S&P 500 index fund last year, there are still many other funds and indexes that have NOT added Tesla stock to their management due to lacking this rating. However, despite the chip shortages and supply inflations, Tesla demonstrated it’s ability to also have record margins on top of profits and this should have granted them this additional rating. In October, Tesla received an upgrade to a BB+ rating, after each new quarter was a new record after another. But This year, the S&P said they are not confident in how stable Tesla is in MAINTAINING these amazing margins. They also added that they acknowledge that tesla has plenty of liquidity of over $18 billion dollars to help with these short-term [More]