Elon Musk Calls Out Bill Gates – S&P Refuses Tesla Investment Rating + Twitter Update

Today we are going over some of the most recent Tesla news including:
S&P Refusing to upgrade Tesla Stock into an “Investment Grade” Rating.
Leaked Texts from Elon Musk questioning Bill gates on his stance on climate change
What the House of Republican Representatives demand for Elon Musk with Twitter
And Updates on Tesla New LFP batteries
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5:53 House of Representatives Demands for Elon

After Tesla’s q1 record Q1 Earnings, the S&P was considering upgrading Tesla Stock to what is called an “Investment Grade”. For those who may not know, an “Investment grade” is a rating that is still used by many management funds today to determine if a certain stock is worth including in their funds. Despite Tesla joining the S&P 500 index fund last year, there are still many other funds and indexes that have NOT added Tesla stock to their management due to lacking this rating. However, despite the chip shortages and supply inflations, Tesla demonstrated it’s ability to also have record margins on top of profits and this should have granted them this additional rating.

In October, Tesla received an upgrade to a BB+ rating, after each new quarter was a new record after another. But This year, the S&P said they are not confident in how stable Tesla is in MAINTAINING these amazing margins.

They also added that they acknowledge that tesla has plenty of liquidity of over $18 billion dollars to help with these short-term huddles, but that they will consider UPGRADING the stock to an “investment grade” later in 2022 IF tesla maintains it’s margins.

This would mean Tesla will have to improve one level, from BB+ to BBB, to be considered “Investment Grade,” by the S&P Global’s standards. (talk about why this should be)

Screenshots of the texts were shared on Twitter by an account called Whole Mars Catalog that tagged Musk and asked if they were real.

Musk replied: “Sorry, but I cannot take your philanthropy on climate change seriously when you have a massive short position against Tesla, the company doing the most to solve climate change.”

18 House Republicans are asking Twitter’s Board of Directors to preserve all records of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s acquisition offer for the social media company.

Twitter Board Chairman, Bret Taylor and the House Republicans stated in the letters that Twitter has a tendency to engage in “heavy-handed censorship and Twitter must take all reasonable steps to prevent the “destruction or alteration” of documents and communications related Elon’s twitter buyout offer.

Recently we learned that Elon was Filed a recent 13D document, which indicated that he had received commitments for $46.5 billion to help finance a potential Twitter buyout. It also revealed that he is exploring the idea of a tender offer to purchase some or all of Twitter stock directly from shareholders.

We also learned that Tesla is already using Cobalt-Free LFP batteries in 50% of all its vehicles. This is significant because we know that cobalt

“Diversification of battery chemistries is critical for long-term capacity growth, to better optimize our products for their various use cases and expand our supplier base. This is why nearly half of Tesla vehicles produced in Q1 were equipped with a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, containing no nickel or cobalt. Currently, LFP batteries are used in most of our standard range vehicle products, as well as commercial energy storage applications. As a result of our energy efficient motors, a Model 3 with an LFP battery pack can still achieve a 267-mile EPA range.”

Another great benefit of Using LFP batteries over the the 4680 batteries is that they don’t contain Lithium and lithium prices have been increasing drastically over the past couple of years due to inflation. This is another way tesla is hedging against inflation while being conscious free of controversy over it’s production. Also, LFP batteries are rich in Iron which doesn’t degrade as much as lithium when you cycle through charging and discharging, meaning you can have a much longer lasting battery compared to the current 2170 batteries. 4680 batteries are still made to be more efficient than LFP but are MUCH more expensive to manufacture.

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