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Matthew Zeiler, Founder and CEO of Clarifai, is a machine learning Ph.D. and thought leader pioneering the field of applied artificial intelligence (AI). In this session Matt will run through the latest advancements in computer vision, and how industries are innovating using computer vision. #Clarifai provides a platform for #datascientists, developers, researchers, and enterprises to master the entire #artificialintelligence lifecycle. Try our free API and get started with 1,000 free operations each month. Request a free API key at our website,, and start building today. Learn more about Clarifai at: Sign up for a free account:
Clarifai provides a fantastic service that brings image recognition into any application that connects to the cloud. Matt Zeiler, CEO and founder of Clarifai, talks about their service and explains the concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. A huge thank you to Matt Zeiler for taking the time to chat about all of this very cool tech and for giving us a really nice demo of what Clarifai can do! If you’d like to try it out yourself, head to for more info and to try out some of the public demos yourself! — Dev Diner is a website and channel dedicated to helping developers navigate the world of emerging tech – Virtual & Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and more! Discover more about what’s happening and how you can get started at: — A big thank you to Heartbeat Intensity ( as always for providing our wonderful theme music!
Today’s guest is Matt Zeiler, Founder, and CEO of Clarifai. Clarifai is one of the first startups to apply modern deep learning for image recognition. Their tools are currently used by clients like Staples, OpenTable, and the US Department of Defense (DoD). In this episode, Matt sheds light on the company’s founding story and how an internship at Google was the catalyst for the creation of Clarifai. He also talks about what it’s like competing against industry giants like Facebook and Google. Clarifai’s algorithm and their ability to collaborate rather than compete with their clients truly sets them apart. Matt also sheds light on the benefits of the network effect for both the customers and the company. Matt talks about some of the interesting use cases of their technology, like Trivago, which uses image recognition to organize hotel photos or how the DoD uses it in natural disaster recovery. Matt believes that AI is a great service to the government in helping citizens in many ways, and Clarifai is incredibly proud to be a partner. Tune in to learn more about AI image recognition and be inspired by Matt. Key Points From This Episode -Learn more about Matt’s background, his Ph.D., and what ultimately led him to start Clarifai -Seven years on: Clarifai’s products, their customers and how they use the products -Some of the other applications of AI that Clarifai is potentially interested in getting into -How Clarifai aims to gain a competitive advantage -Why the API model works [More]
The path to skill around the globe has been the same for thousands of years: train under an expert and take on small, easy tasks before progressing to riskier, harder ones. But right now, we’re handling AI in a way that blocks that path — and sacrificing learning in our quest for productivity, says organizational ethnographer Matt Beane. What can be done? Beane shares a vision that flips the current story into one of distributed, machine-enhanced mentorship that takes full advantage of AI’s amazing capabilities while enhancing our skills at the same time. Check out more TED Talks: The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design — plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: Like TED on Facebook: Subscribe to our channel:
Panel 2: Machines & Us Which decisions and tasks should we delegate to machines and which are better left to people? What degree of autonomy will today’s technology support? For applications where machine intelligence is su ciently advanced, what will it take to gain trust in machines as semi-autonomous teammates? How do we create partnerships between humans and machines where each do what they do best? We explored the state of human-machine collaboration and examine the implications of recent advancements in machine learning and robotics on the role of machines in critical defense and civilian applications. Moderator: Ashley Llorens, Chief, Intelligent Systems Center, Johns Hopkins APL Panelists: Jason Matheny, Director, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity Matt Johnson, Researcher, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition Suchi Saria, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University From the May 25, 2017 Johns Hopkins APL “The Future of Humans & Machines: Partnership, Fusion, or Fear?” event at the Lab’s Intelligent Systems Center.
Matthew Zeiler is an artificial intelligence expert with a Ph.D. in machine learning from NYU. He is the founder of Clarifai. From AI With the Best, online developer conference April 29-30, 2017 Check out our website:
Matt Zeiler is the CEO of Clarifai, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and identify different videos and images. While there are a lot of uses for image recognition — you’ve probably most recently interacted with facial recognition, for instance, on Facebook — Zeiler said online retail stands to benefit significantly from using AI. “You have to be thinking about it in your business,” Zeiler said at Recode’s Code Commerce event in New York. “This is going to change every interaction with your customers.” Watch his full presentation. — Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Follow Recode on Twitter: Follow Recode on Instagram: Read more:
Matt Zeiler sits down with GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) to discuss advances in computer vision and how AI enables your computer to learn what’s inside an image. Matthew Zeiler is the Founder and CEO of Clarifai Inc, a company that uses machine learning to enable search engines to better source content from visually similar images. He studied under several pioneers in the field of deep learning at the University of Toronto and received a PhD in Machine Learning and Image Recognition from New York University. Through his work with Clarifai, Zeiler won the 2013 ImageNet Classification Challenge. Subscribe to the GLG Channel: Connect with GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) Online: Visit our Website: Follow us on Twitter: Find us on LinkedIn: Like us on Facebook: Connect with us on Instagram:
Artificial intelligence expert Matt Zeiler explains why diversity in building AI matters. Matthew Zeiler is an artificial intelligence expert with a Ph.D. in machine learning from NYU. His groundbreaking research in visual recognition, alongside renowned machine learning pioneers Geoff Hinton and Yann LeCun, has propelled the image recognition industry from theory to real-world practice. As the founder of Clarifai, Matt is applying his award-winning research to create the best visual recognition solutions for businesses and developers to power the next generation of intelligent apps. Reach him @​MattZeiler​. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at