Joscha Bach is a beautiful mind and a very rewarding interlocutor. No surprise I had many requests to have him back on my podcast. I apologize that it took 4 years but the good news is we are going to have a third conversation much sooner this time around. If you haven’t seen our first interview with Joscha I suggest you start there before you watch this one. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think. During our 2-hour conversation with Joscha Bach, we cover a variety of interesting topics such as his new job at Intel as an AI researcher; whether Moore’s Law is dead or alive; why he is first and foremost a human being trying to understand the world; the kinds of questions he would like to ask God or Artificial Superintelligence; the most recent AI developments and criticisms from Gary Marcus, Marvin Minsky, and Noam Chomsky; living in a learnable universe; evolution and the frame problem; intelligence, smartness, wisdom, and values; personal autonomy and the hive mind; cosmology, theology, story, existence, and non-existence. My favorite quotes that I will take away from this conversation with Joscha Bach are: “What is a model? A model is a set of regularities that we find in the world – the invariances like the Laws of Physics at a certain level of resolution, that describe how the world doesn’t change but is the same. [These are the things that remain constant.] And the state that the world [More]
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Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: Help support conversations like this via PayPal: Twitter: iTunes: Pandora: Spotify: Google Podcasts: 0:00:00 Introduction 0:00:17 Bach’s work ethic / daily routine 0:01:35 What is your definition of truth? 0:04:41 Nature’s substratum is a “quantum graph”? 0:06:25 Mathematics as the descriptor of all language 0:13:52 Why is constructivist mathematics “real”? What’s the definition of “real”? 0:17:06 What does it mean to “exist”? Does “pi” exist? 0:20:14 The mystery of something vs. nothing. Existence is the default. 0:21:11 Bach’s model vs. the multiverse 0:26:51 Is the universe deterministic 0:28:23 What determines the initial conditions, as well as the rules? 0:30:55 What is time? Is time fundamental? 0:34:21 What’s the optimal algorithm for finding truth? 0:40:40 Are the fundamental laws of physics ultimately “simple”? 0:50:17 The relationship between art and the artist’s cost function 0:54:02 Ideas are stories, being directed by intuitions 0:58:00 Society has a minimal role in training your intuitions 0:59:24 Why does art benefit from a repressive government? 1:04:01 A market case for civil rights 1:06:40 Fascism vs communism 1:10:50 Bach’s “control / attention / reflective recall” model 1:13:32 What’s more fundamental… Consciousness or attention? 1:16:02 The Chinese Room Experiment 1:25:22 Is understanding predicated on consciousness? 1:26:22 Integrated Information Theory of consciousness (IIT) 1:30:15 Donald Hoffman’s theory of consciousness 1:32:40 Douglas Hofstadter’s “strange loop” theory of consciousness 1:34:10 Holonomic Brain theory of consciousness 1:34:42 Daniel Dennett’s theory of consciousness 1:36:57 [More]