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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:17 Bach’s work ethic / daily routine
0:01:35 What is your definition of truth?
0:04:41 Nature’s substratum is a “quantum graph”?
0:06:25 Mathematics as the descriptor of all language
0:13:52 Why is constructivist mathematics “real”? What’s the definition of “real”?
0:17:06 What does it mean to “exist”? Does “pi” exist?
0:20:14 The mystery of something vs. nothing. Existence is the default.
0:21:11 Bach’s model vs. the multiverse
0:26:51 Is the universe deterministic
0:28:23 What determines the initial conditions, as well as the rules?
0:30:55 What is time? Is time fundamental?
0:34:21 What’s the optimal algorithm for finding truth?
0:40:40 Are the fundamental laws of physics ultimately “simple”?
0:50:17 The relationship between art and the artist’s cost function
0:54:02 Ideas are stories, being directed by intuitions
0:58:00 Society has a minimal role in training your intuitions
0:59:24 Why does art benefit from a repressive government?
1:04:01 A market case for civil rights
1:06:40 Fascism vs communism
1:10:50 Bach’s “control / attention / reflective recall” model
1:13:32 What’s more fundamental… Consciousness or attention?
1:16:02 The Chinese Room Experiment
1:25:22 Is understanding predicated on consciousness?
1:26:22 Integrated Information Theory of consciousness (IIT)
1:30:15 Donald Hoffman’s theory of consciousness
1:32:40 Douglas Hofstadter’s “strange loop” theory of consciousness
1:34:10 Holonomic Brain theory of consciousness
1:34:42 Daniel Dennett’s theory of consciousness
1:36:57 Sensorimotor theory of consciousness (embodied cognition)
1:44:39 What is intelligence?
1:45:08 Intelligence vs. consciousness
1:46:36 Where does Free Will come into play, in Bach’s model?
1:48:46 The opposite of free will can lead to, or feel like, addiction
1:51:48 Changing your identity to effectively live forever
1:59:13 Depersonalization disorder as a result of conceiving of your “self” as illusory
2:02:25 Dealing with a fear of loss of control
2:05:00 What about heart and conscience?
2:07:28 How to test / falsify Bach’s model of consciousness
2:13:46 How has Bach’s model changed in the past few years?
2:14:41 Why Bach doesn’t practice Lucid Dreaming anymore
2:15:33 Dreams and GAN’s (a machine learning framework)
2:18:08 If dreams are for helping us learn, why don’t we consciously remember our dreams
2:19:58 Are dreams “real”? Is all of reality a dream?
2:20:39 How do you practically change your experience to be most positive / helpful?
2:23:56 What’s more important than survival? What’s worth dying for?
2:28:27 Bach’s identity
2:29:44 Is there anything objectively wrong with hating humanity?
2:30:31 Practical Platonism
2:33:00 What “God” is
2:36:24 Gods are as real as you, Bach claims
2:37:44 What “prayer” is, and why it works
2:41:06 Our society has lost its future and thus our culture
2:43:24 What does Bach disagree with Jordan Peterson about?
2:47:16 The millennials are the first generation that’s authoritarian since WW2
2:48:31 Bach’s views on the “social justice” movement
2:51:29 Universal Basic Income as an answer to social inequality, or General Artificial Intelligence?
2:57:39 Nested hierarchy of “I”s (the conflicts within ourselves)
2:59:22 In the USA, innovation is “cheating” (for the most part)
3:02:27 Activists are usually operating on false information
3:03:04 Bach’s Marxist roots and lessons to his former self
3:08:45 BONUS BIT: On societies problems

* * *

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coder.JD says:

Hey this is the second time I'm watching TOE with Curt Jaimungal… I'm glad you popped up on the feed again!
Tbh: the first time I seen you I was quite taken aback by how unabashed you were when you would give your own takes and dive into the subject with your own speculative and critical reasoning.
Slightly cringy at first, yet I was entranced by this.
Curt Jaimungal questions a giant in the field!? Oh no!! Are mere mortals allowed to question like this? Speculate like this?
Are we allowed to have such technical conversation in long form? Shouldn't you explain the basics? But people are stupid right?
Btw all those questions are rhetorical… No.

Your channel seems to be one of those milestones in the history (in this case communication; )
I particularly enjoy how it is presumed for the most part the listeners are informed with much of the prerequisite domains required to understand.

In other words? Your channel is going to go down as one of the first channels that gets to the farthest into the minds of these great thinker's concepts without demeaning the listener/viewer's capabilities…

I was skeptical at first; but now I really applaud you…
you now have my sub…

JAY MOAP says:

Brilliant interview. Agree with him, although one note. Attention itself involve compulsion.

namero999 says:

Do you think you can manage to host Kastrup and Bach together, some time in the future?

Mark Shealy says:

excellent engaging with Bach…terse, focused, informed questions that let Bach detail and not "talk down" so much…not interrupting Bach let's the listener unpack his cognitive science approach to philosophical topics…

GOT TOSA says:

2:15:40 a glitch in the matrix in Josha's face, very creepy

Nicholas Brunning says:


In all honesty, I have watched this maybe 9 times.

This is fkd good.

And you my friend are a passionate sharp individual.

I'm all in.

Akash says:

Did he write a book or something?I would read his book if he had one lol

Abnormal Archives says:

Hahah 2:33:33 that caught me off guard. Hearing Joscha say that just killed me lol

miles brough says:

I like you joscha.

jemarcot says:

Honestly I’m not convinced that Joscha Bach isn’t the AI he’s always talking about who has already figured everything out, disguising himself as a mere mortal.

jemarcot says:

If I could like this video 100 times I would. Joscha Bach is absolutely amazing.

hansgichtl maier says:

well he is after all a descandent of johan sebastian bach. genius seems to be running strong in this family 🙂

Let`s relax with texts says:

The majority of all population always had unfair and injustice in their lives. Religion was the answer. Peterson is just remembering that. Believing in the life after life will be for long time the only moral direction of big societies, especially for women.

Let`s relax with texts says:

Dude, just imagine this guy on jow Rogan. Dude!!!!!! One mind-blow after another

Let`s relax with texts says:

Congrtas for the interview man. But you drop the ball four or five times. You seem to be some steps behind his reasoning sometimes.

Let`s relax with texts says:

Hes for sure a human two generations ahead of his time.

कोई बात नही says:

No wonder the more intelligent you become, the more easier it is to forgive.

Yewbzee says:

I love listening to Joschas ideas but my simple brain would really benefit from him and a white board

June Ack says:

Joscha Bach is a joy to listen to!

cmmndrblu says:

Bach and avatar Yang Chen from Avatar the Last Airbender converge on their view on the sacrifice of one's need for self actualisation.

Thomas Woitekaitis says:

Math fits the world not the world because of math…..math isn't even perfect, it has a fudge factor.
These guys think too much.

AerisVahnEphelia says:

This podcast was meant to reach me.

INSANE this is one of the best podcast I've ever listened to

2:39:00 I m in shock.

he put all the words I feel in a beautiful manner.

Dionisos Solón says:

I want to thank the YT algorithm that recommended me Aphex Twin's "Rare ambient mixtape" of hour and a half, just after these 3 hours of amazing insights and conversations.

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