Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said that India does not want to rule the world. He was speaking on the growth of Artificial Intelligence while referring to a comment by Russian president Vladimir Putin at a symposium in New Delhi. “I am reminded of a quote by Putin some time ago. You all know Russia is a technologically advanced country. In the field of science and technology, it has gradually progressed. On artificial intelligence, Putin had once said: ‘Whoever becomes the ruler of the sphere, will rule the world,” he said. Watch this video for more details. #rajnathsingh #indiadefence #vladimirputin #artificialintelligence #defenceminister #india #russia #atmanirbharbharat
Recorded September 15, 2017 Does superhuman artificial intelligence sound like science fiction? Not for Sam Harris. He says it’s not a question of if but when — with potentially destructive consequences. About Sam Harris Sam Harris is a writer, neuroscientist, philosopher, and host of the podcast, Waking Up With Sam Harris. He has written five New York Times best-sellers, and his writings cover a range of topics from neuroscience and religion to violence and human reasoning.
More on Martin Ford: Martin Ford, author of *Rise of the Robots,* discusses rapid developments in artificial intelligence—new systems that can defeat any human competitor in games of advanced strategy. Ford then describes how, in the future, AI will become scalable across all industries, manifesting as an infinite number of specific systems, rather than as a general-purpose technology.
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