For more information about Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence professional and graduate programs, visit: Professor Christopher Manning, Stanford University Professor Christopher Manning Thomas M. Siebel Professor in Machine Learning, Professor of Linguistics and of Computer Science Director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) To follow along with the course schedule and syllabus, visit:
We are in a simulation. Has it occurred to you that means God is real? By drawing parallels to worlds we have created, we ask, from inside our simulator, what actions do we have available? Can we get out? Meet God? Kill him? About SXSW: SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. An essential destination for global professionals, the event features sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. SXSW 2019 takes place every March in Austin, Texas. Subscribe: Connect with SXSW: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:
Our nation’s economy and security depend on a healthy functioning of cyberspace – the space where almost everything that facilitates our way of life occurs – from agriculture, water treatment, and telecommunications, to emergency services and the defense industrial base, plus so much more. The United States’ future cyber warriors and leaders must be prepared to operate in cyberspace – the new battlefield. To prepare them, the National Security Agency annually hosts the NSA Cyber Exercise – a three-day competition that educates, trains, and tests our future cyber warriors and leaders to defend our Nation’s cyber networks. In 2019, cadets and midshipmen from the US. Service Academy at West Point, the US Naval Academy, the US Air Force Academy, the US Coast Guard Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy. Each team competed in a series of simulated and scored scenarios, but only one academy walked away with the coveted National Security Agency’s Director’s Trophy.
Panelists include Russ Altman, Justine Cassell, Fernanda Viégas, and Bob Zhang.
Mauro Martino from the Northeastern University Mauro is a pioneer in the use of the artificial neural network in the sculpture field and talks about “Beautiful Data Science”. His talk is titled “Data Exploration Through Artificial Intelligence and Dataviz”. Shooting and editing: Frieder Aurin for 2SPOT production,
Our opinions of AI have been formed by mainstream media, but that stops now. This week we speak with New York Times best-selling author, Martin Ford about Artificial Intelligence. In his new book, Ford records the conversations he has had with the very people developing artificial intelligence. We’ll chat about what’s exciting, what’s scary, and what’s to come from machine learning. Get Your Copy of “Architects of Intelligence” at
Since 1999, colleges and universities in the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (CAE-CD) program have educated our nation’s cyber first responders. Learn more about the role of CAE-CD schools in developing the tools and talent needed to help defend our national security.
TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019 is officially a wrap! Machine learning developers from around the world gathered at the Google Event Center in Sunnyvale, California on March 6th and 7th to hear the latest updates from across TensorFlow, Google’s open source machine learning platform for everyone. Those of us who joined in person, and on the livestream (→ were able to first-hand witness the official transition to the alpha version of TensorFlow 2.0 The TensorFlow team looks forward to continue bringing you the latest platform updates so you can continue building, training, and deploying your machine learning models with ease. “Recap of the 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit” blog post → We made our sessions shorter this year 🙂 watch them in this #TFDevSummit ’19 playlist → Subscribe to the TensorFlow YouTube channel! → Event Homepage → Event Photo Album → Music by Terra Monk → #PoweredByTF #MachineLearning #Google event: TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019; rs: Livestream; re_ty: Publish; product: TensorFlow – General;
In 1982, Richard Feynman envisioned a “machine of a different kind,” one that could simulate physics by doing exactly what nature does. In this webinar, D-Wave discusses how close quantum computing has come to realizing Feynman’s vision. Our speaker explains the different approaches to building quantum computers, drills down into quantum annealing, and discusses classical and quantum programming models and applications. Learn more about D-Wave and the first commercial quantum computers at
SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller takes the stage at #SAPTechEd Las Vegas 2019, to discuss leading concepts and #technologies of the intelligent enterprise including key end-to-end #business processes infused with #intelligence. Together with his guests, Juergen shows how SAP is evolving the digital platform into a business technology platform, ensuring out-of-the-box integration, modularity, ease of extension, and consistent experience across business processes in an intelligent enterprise.
Botkeeper’s Louie Balasny, VP Strategic Accounts, presents The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Accounting at the 2019 Collision Conference
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In this video, we are listing top 5 artificial intelligence apps for android users. You can easily use any of these apps on your smartphone and do your work in less time period. These apps come with good AI algorithm which can easily take your habits, what you like, what you don’t like, time to go office and come back to your home and other of your daily routine. It provides you a human level accuracy and easily suggests you a good way to finish your work. As a child, I always used to dream about a personal electronic assistant which could keep up the conversation, wake me up, and remind me of everyday tasks. Today it becomes quite real, but not all of the AI apps have comprehensive functionality. In this article, I’d like to tell you about my personal experience of using some of the AI-driven applications which are really worthy of attention. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular platforms in the science and technology field. It provides you personal assistance which helps you to do your works in less time period with the help of a machine. AI will help you to automate your work across many industries so that you can do your work in less time period. Most of the people don’t have much money to purchase the heavy machine to automate their works so you can use artificial intelligence apps on your smartphone. Download all the top 5 artificial intelligence android apps [More]
Watch the 2019 PAIR (People + AI Research) Symposium, which took place live at Google’s Offices in London, UK on November 14, 2019. The focus: Participatory ML (machine learning). Inspired by the participatory design movement, it is an approach to building ML systems that actively involves a diversity of stakeholders (technologists, UXers, policymakers, end users, citizens). Skip to each session, below, listed in order of appearance with time stamps and links. (Opinions expressed are those of the speakers, and not necessarily those of Google.): [20:34] Fernanda Viégas, Co-Founder and Co-Lead, PAIR: Participatory ML [36:17] Fernanda Viégas in conversation with Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Principal and Professorial Research Felllow, University of Oxford: Ethics in AI [1:02:42] Chris Noessel, Senior Design Lead, IBM: Designing Participatory ML [1:34:06] Doug Eyck, Principal Scientist, Google; Claire Kayacik, Sr. UX Researcher, Google; and Signe Nørly, Design Lead, Google: Making Music with Machines [2:29:36] Michael Veale, Lecturer, University College London: Privacy Preserving Power: Regulating Encrypted Data Analysis [2:52:10] Raghu Dharmaraju, VP of Product and Programs, Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence, AI for the Next 5 Billion [3:15:29] Tulsee Doshi, Product Lead, ML Fairness, Google; Raghu Dharmaraju; and Michael Veale, moderated by Chris Noessel: Increasing Transparency in AI Systems [4:59:39] Mahima Pushkarna, UX Designer, Google, and Yannick Assogba, Software Engineer and PAIR Guidebook Fellow, Google: Tools for Participatory ML [5:29:13] David Weinberger, author, “Everyday Chaos” (Harvard Business Review Press): The Metaphysics of ML [6:02:47] Cosmina Dorobantu, Public Policy Programme Director and Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute: Rethink Government with [More]
Researchers and leaders from academia, hospitals, government and industry gathered for two days at the 2019 Big Data in Precision Health conference at Stanford Medicine to spark collaborations, address challenges, and identify actionable steps for using large-scale data analysis and technology to improve human health. Jeff Dean, PhD, of Google gave a keynote talk. For more information, visit
Why do people collaborate? Because we achieve more together than we can alone. The same is true of man and machine. Leaders need to add machine learning to their data and analytics strategies to unlock actionable insights that help employees make better business decisions. This is augmented intelligence. In the sixth installment of his “Journeys in Transformation” webchat series, Genpact’s Chief Digital Officer, Sanjay Srivastava, shares a framework for augmented intelligence. Joining him are: • JoAnn Stonier, Chief Data Officer at MasterCard • Henna Karna, Chief Data Officer at AXA XL • Vikram Mahidhar, Leader, AI Growth Strategy at Genpact
Canada Media Fund director of Industry and Market Trends Catherine Mathys hosts a panel on AI’s role in the creative industries at the “Analog: Artificial Intelligence and Creativity” conference in Toronto, on December 6, 2019. Is creativity exclusive to humans? How AI is already changing entertainment? What to expect in the next few years? Those are but a few of the questions explored by: – New media art curator and critic Shauna Jean Doherty; – University of Toronto professor Steve Engels; – Greenlight Essentials founder Jack Zhang. For more information:
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Take an adapted version of this course as part of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Professional Program. Learn more at: Professor Christopher Potts & Consulting Assistant Professor Bill MacCartney, Stanford University Professor Christopher Potts Professor of Linguistics and, by courtesy, Computer Science Director, Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information Consulting Assistant Professor Bill MacCartney Senior Engineering Manager, Apple To follow along with the course schedule and syllabus, visit: To get the latest news on Stanford’s upcoming professional programs in Artificial Intelligence, visit: To view all online courses and programs offered by Stanford, visit: – AI expert Inma Martinez discusses the power and potential of AI at the 2019 Industry Summit. ABOUT KEYNOTE SPEAKER INMA MARTINEZ One of the original “Children of the Internet,” Inma Martinez has been at the forefront of the digital and mobile revolution since the early 2000s. Fortune and TIME have described her as one of Europe’s top talents in social engagement through technology, Red Herring ranked her among the “top 40 women in technology”and FastCompany labelled her a “Firestarter.” Inma was listed at #1 among “The Top 10 Women Changing The Landscape Of Data In 2018” by Enterprise Management 360 and one of the top “50 A.I. Influencers To Follow On Twitter” by Cognilytica, an A.I. and Cognitive Sciences Research agency. Inma is one of Europe’s most sought-out advisors on technological trends, product innovation strategy, and thriving in an environment driven by empowered consumers. An inspirational keynote speaker, she delivers on the effects of A.I. and Automation, Man-Machine Collaborations and the accelerated digitalisation of life, work and play. An industry recognised Artificial Intelligence and digital visionary that pioneered 1:1 personalisation in the early days of the mobile Internet, Inma has been credited to be part of the original development teams behind Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), mobile music and video streaming, wearable technologies, “widgets” – the precursors to mobile apps, and the “connected car” and smart cities development. Both governments and private corporations seek her advisory on how to address the digital challenges. Inma is currently an advisor to [More]
My Journey Learning ML and AI through Self Study as a High School Student Sachi Parikh video by
This is a combined slide/speaker video of Yoshua Bengio’s talk at NeurIPS 2019. Slide-synced non-YouTube version is here: This is a clip on the Lex Clips channel that I mostly use to post video clips from the Artificial Intelligence podcast, but occasionally I post clips from other lectures by me or others. Hope you find these interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. If you do, please subscribe, click bell icon, and share. Lex Clips channel: Lex Fridman channel: Artificial Intelligence podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: Connect with on social media: – Twitter: – LinkedIn: – Facebook: – Instagram: – Medium:
To develop equitable and trustworthy technology, we must understand how AI performs in practice, and guide and shape the way AI interacts with humans. Lightning talks from Juliana Bidadanure, Mark Duggan, Jennifer Pan, David Engstrom and Daniel Ho; followed by a panel discussion moderated by James Manyika and featuring Susan Athey, Erik Brynjolfsson, Kate Crawford and Tristan Harris.
The ultimate purpose of AI should be to enhance our humanity, not diminish or replace it. Diving into this subject at our Stanford HumanAI Symposium: Lightning talks from Michael Bernstein, Emma Brunskill, Serena Yeung and Dorsa Sadigh; followed by a panel discussion moderated by Eric Horvitz, Russ Altman, Justine Cassell, Fernanda Viégas and Bob Zhang.