Intelligent Technology Modern Cow Milking Automatic Machine Calf Milk Feeding Smart Farming Denmark Hay Silo Silage Tractor 2019 (More)

Apple’s digital assistant on the iPhone takes on Google’s new Assistant on the Pixel to see which one is better at handling key commands. (More)

Robots (Emily Blunt, Mikey Day) meant to deliver food repeatedly malfunction during a presentation. (More)

In this video, we give you some detailed instructions on how to make an easy raspberry pi powered home smart mirror. A smart mirror displays applications so that you can check the weather, local news, etc. while you are getting ready in the morning. It’s also modular, so you can easy move it around or hang it on the wall if you like. We’ve created a basic application that you can run on the smart mirror, but it’s totally customizable if you want to write some of your own code. We use a Raspberry Pi 3 in this video, but you can also use an A, B+ or any other Pi. (More)

Warfare is going through its most significant change in human history. This is an in-depth look at how robotics is increasingly preventing soldiers from rich nations from dying in battle.
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Biped robot that balances dynamically using a human-like walking motion. It is a close relative to BigDog, sharing elements of the mechanical design and control. For more info, see (More)

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Sophia travels to Palm Beach, Florida, to meet with Tony Robbins during our Date With Destiny event — and Tony did not hold back on asking some tough questions! Here are some highlights from their conversation where they talked about everything from how Sophia’s makers have influenced and shaped her A.I., to their shared commitment to helping humans experience a better quality of life! (More)

Doris becomes excited by the possibilities when she inadvertently injects herself with the wrong serum and becomes super-smart. (More)

Through life changing accidents, and data minded through NASCAR, human beings are finding ways to rebuild one another so that we are better, faster, and stronger than ever before and all with the help of A.I.. Once nothing more than the stuff of comic books and TV shows, we truly have the technology to become modern superheroes. (More)

What do you get when you give a design tool a digital nervous system? Computers that improve our ability to think and imagine, and robotic systems that come up with (and build) radical new designs for bridges, cars, drones and much more — all by themselves. Take a tour of the Augmented Age with futurist Maurice Conti and preview a time when robots and humans will work side-by-side to accomplish things neither could do alone. (More)

Say hello to ATLAS, one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built! (More)

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm for bounding that they’ve successfully implemented in a robotic cheetah. (Learn more: (More)

The robot’s lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog. The uncanny uncanine valley. This is the latest quadruped robot from Google’s Boston Dynamics group, and the only one in civilian hands. Another Video: Photos: And I revisited my post on the Google Master Plan, and sure enough, we see Robots → Skynet → Terminator → Google Security → User Happiness (More)

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In an amazing demo at Google I/0, Google’s Assistant can actually ring up a salon or a restaurant to make an appointment for you. You don’t have to call yourself even if the pizzeria doesn’t have an online reservation system. (More)

BigDog ready for battle. (More)

Quantum computers are just on the horizon as both tech giants and startups are working to kickstart the next computing revolution. (More)

Watch this Python tutorial to learn Python programming for machine learning and web development.
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BMW Car Factory Robots- Fast Extreme Automatic Manufacturing. Fast Extreme and Automatic Car Manufacturing Factory, Modern BMW cars Assembly Technology….BMW X2, i8, new BMW X7 and 5- Series Production Assembly Line. Cars Production is Oddly Satisfying #BMW #Manufacturing #CarFactory (More)


Scrolling graphics, originally by PushyPixels: (More)

Boston Dynamics’ amazing robots Atlas and Handle (More)

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1169: (More)

The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) is a rough-terrain robot developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps. It is designed to carry 400 lbs of payload and travel 20 miles without refueling. LS3 has sensors that let it follow a human leader while avoiding obstacles in the terrain. For more information visit (More)

The quadrupedal pack robot from Boston Dynamics, designed for military use. (More)

Update !! *** Full motion testing of the robot: **** (More)

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A team of engineers from Google’s Crisis Response team is using machine learning to develop a more accurate and reliable flood forecasting system for countries that need it most. (More) Burnistoun is a sketch show for BBC Scotland by the Scottish comedians Iain Connell and Robert Florence. The show is produced by The Comedy Unit. (More) (More)


DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) program aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor. The demonstrations featured here show progress on technologies for traveling quickly over varied terrain and improving situational awareness and ease of operation. (More)

As hospitals collect more and more data, analyzing it is a challenge and an opportunity. Montefiore Medical Center of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a case study in how using artificial intelligence in hospitals can help improve outcomes. They’re working with Intel’s Healthcare AI team to develop machine learning algorithms that can see patterns within it. The result, which they call the Patient Centered Analytic Learning Machine or PALM, is continually monitoring things like cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels, heart rate, oxygen levels and more. It’s both learning from this and using AI to predict when respiratory failure, sepsis, or other bad outcomes are likely to occur. Not only can this save lives and keep patients healthy, it also allows patients to be treated faster – saving money and time for the patient, hospitals and health care system. (More)

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