Robotic Spy Puppy Meets Wild Dogs

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Robotic Spy Pup lives among a pack of wild dogs to film the emotional dynamics of wild dog life. By mimicking their body language he becomes accepted by the pack.

Clip from programme 1 ‘Love’ of our PBS/THIRTEEN Productions LLC series Spy in the Wild.

Narrated by David Tennant

Music by Will Gregory

Directed by John Downer

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血の神 says:

Spy among Us

Олина Famulily says:

А запах робот издает? Животные нюхают при знакомстве .

thentust says:

That Terminator eye-looking always cracks me up.

perfect copy says:

It's both disturbing and cute. I love it.

Huyền Bùi says:

What about the smell? I mean every animal has its own distinct smell.

Kevin Martinez says:

Wild dog pup: im bored
Wild dog mom: "go to play with the neighbour kid.
The neighbour kid:

Charlie Hinojosa says:

The torpid james intradurally hug because legal worryingly rescue during a poised jellyfish. blue, violet destruction

red fox says:

Wild dog: there is a impostor among us

Robot: you mother fucking idiot I am dog

Puppies: that's plain sus

Richard Oliver Willerton says:


Ilyan Zolliani says:

Scary puppy.

Richard Hobb-chambers says:

This robot would useful in the garden and love buy one use it.

Armando Quil Ombos says:

Not convincing that the puppy arse smells of plastic and it has a "made in china" label on the belly.

MrHydevsDrJekyll says:

And so it begins. Terminator 001

RAZIEL says:

that dog has a terminator eye

Cinemavoice Official250 says:

I can't believe it

Cinemavoice Official250 says:

Spy? Haha!!

secret voice says:

mitsotaki gamiese copy paste it

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