OpenAI CEO testifies before Congress – 5/16 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Join Washington Post reporters as Sam Altman, CEO of artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI, testifies before a Senate subcommittee on privacy, technology and the law. Altman will discuss efforts to keep artificial intelligence in check at a moment when the technology’s advancements and influence are being felt far beyond Silicon Valley.

The hearing comes as policymakers in Washington are facing pressure to address the potential risks of artificial intelligence. OpenAI, which released the AI-driven chatbot ChatGPT in November, has triggered a wave of AI innovation — and surging popularity. The newest version of ChatGPT can do much more than answer questions: It can also analyze images and mimic human speech. Companies say AI can help users save time and resources. But critics point to the technology’s potential to spread misinformation, replace jobs or otherwise cause significant harm to users. In his first appearance before Congress, the OpenAI CEO is expected to be grilled on those concerns.

Libby Casey will anchor live coverage and will be joined by James Hohmann in The Post’s newsroom. Rhonda Colvin will be live on Capitol Hill, and Post technology reporters Cristiano Lima and Gerrit de Vynck will provide insight and analysis. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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