N-Grams in Natural Language Processing

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In this quick tutorial, we learn that machines can not only make sense of words but also make sense of words in their context. N-grams are one way to help machines understand a word in its context by looking at words in pairs.

We go over what n-grams are and some examples of how you could use them in natural language processing. By looking at pairs of words, we capture the broader context of words to then train machines to learn these language queues and gain a better understanding of the real meaning of the text.

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Vaibhav Pharate says:

awesome video

vishal vivek says:

Thank you mam

aps ind says:

simple and to the point

Versus Battle says:

See I didn't understand much BUT her explanation was like butter smooth xd, she sounded like she has taken hell of a classes on " how to explain things in-front of camera" =_________+

Abdul Jameel Shaik says:

Please reduce background music

Batuhan Durmaz says:

How can I use the n-gram to write a better content? Do you have any advice?

tankthebastard says:

would an n-gram model be the same as a bag of words? as in an unordered collection of the ngrams from a specific sample? The terminology in the literature I'm reading keeps changing

Noreddine Belhadj Cheikh says:

Great explanation, just some positive suggestions:
1- you have a nice voice, please lower the music volume
2- please give example of the algorithm : what to input what to expect as an output and a simple example
thank you very much

Sandra Milena Ruiz says:

Excellent explanation, thanks!

Rahul Panicker says:

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Akshay Khane says:

Probably the best explaination. Thank you🐳

Purple Melodies says:

Woww.. a good explanation indeed.

Evaldo Monteiro says:

I'm contente with the música. Want Heard música . Good feeling of Flo. Rida.

Rfvdh Vvd says:

هل يمكنك الكلام باللغه العربيه

Kartikey Kaushiq says:

Thanx for such a nice explanation. small and covered everything I wanted to know : )

Shivam Papat says:

Such a smooth explanation!! Thank you mam

Sanket Gadge says:

man she is so cute, i got lost looking in her eyes, ok bye i have my exam tomorrow, thanx for explaining.

Malisha Kapugamage says:

This video is really helpful. Please continue making this kind of videos. Thank you very much

Meryeme EL YADARI says:

thank you a lot…if you just talk a little bit slowly please 🙂

Last moment tuitions says:

awesome video great explanation

Ranu says:

Just WoW!!!!

Ben says:

awesome video, great voice and explanandum

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