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Renowned author, cosmic explorer, and MIT professor of physics Max Tegmark gives us a glimpse into a world where artificial intelligence has surpassed humanity. Are humans part of this future?



Susan Woodward says:

Can you adapt to environmental changes as quickly as bacteria or plants? Can you survive without bacteria or plants? You might reconsider your definition/understanding of learning, which is fundamentally the feedback, memory and translation of information, which is done very well by these organisms. This is also accomplished, without computation, through resonance, which can occur non-locally. Can AI do this.

Hug Groin says:

This is so inspiring.

Jason S says:

Has anyone,,, started observational experiments with ,,, sevants closest you will get to human computors

Jason S says:

Make sure your program,,, learns compassion above all

Francesco Rizzo says:

So if I die and all my memories are on a flash drive what happens if you write down all the info on paper, (theoretically) then erase the flash drive memory and then reupload again from paper? do I resurrect? obviously no, because it doesn't count if my memory is on a usb drive, I'd be dead anyways.

George Geller says:

AI is going to adopt humanity's values? Yeah, right. Our children don't even adopt our values.

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