Joscha Bach: We don't exist in the physical world. We exist in the story that the brain tells itself

June 13, 2020

Joscha Bach: Artificial Consciousness and the Nature of Reality | AI Podcast #101 with Lex Fridman

“Meditation is just a bunch of techniques that let you control attention. And when you can control attention you can get access to your own source code. And then you can change the way it works.”
“The system needs to pay attention to the features that are currently in its focus. And it also needs to pay attention to whether it pays attention itself. In part because the attentional system gets trained with the same mechanism so it’s reflexive but also in part because your attention lapses if you don’t pay attention to the attention itself. So is this thing that I’m currently seeing just a dream that my brain has spun off into some kind of daydream or am I still paying attention to my percept? So you have to periodically go back and see whether you are still paying attention. And if you have this loop and you make it tight enough between the system becoming aware of the contents of its attention and the fact that it’s paying attention itself and makes attention the object of its attention I think this is the loop over which we wake up.”
– Joscha Bach

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