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For the past 6 months or so, I have been teaching myself about artificial intelligence. In this video, I describe some of the places I learned from and a few of the things I’ve done with my new found knowledge.

MIT OpenCourseware videos:

Numerical analysis lectures:

Lots of my AI code:

Lots of my Numerical Analysis code:

Other code showcased in this video:

Papers I’ve read recently:

Other sources:



Johnny Andrés Zamora says:

Awesome video!! Great pathway to get into AI

chinthaka devinda says:

Guy looks like Big Head from Silicon Valley

Jatin Motiani says:

please tell me the mathematics topics that i should learn for beginning with AI.

SiD17 says:

I like your videos dude, very enriching? Keep it up ?

MrPelafio says:

And coding, you need to know a fair bit of coding


can you tell me the name of softwares which i should works on

ProAnk Jain says:

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have just started learning Data Science. I am not good in Maths and still struggling as I was in school days. But I will try very hard this time and inspired and motivated with you videos. Programming language, Tools and Softwares is not difficult to understand for me. Just need to solve me Math problem. Please post more videos about your further journey and experience so we can also get benefits from it.

Fairoz Ahmed says:

Great work bro. Really! Good job. This video helped me in right situation. Thanks to u..

nicholas williams says:

You need a better camera

Anthony Meszaros says:

amazing video

pmiller says:

this is a great video, cheers!

Patrick Cuenco says:

thanks machead! btw, do you have a blog documenting the process of learning these?

satya sashi says:

#macheads101 Really Interesting and thank you for the sharing it with us. You look like "Big Head" in "Silicon Valley" 😀 and name is similar "macheads" & "bighead". Nice video.

Bradyn Westbrook says:

Whoa thanks for this

Omar Aaffoute says:

Thanks a lot for this video!

Semegn Trucking says:

Do you need to know how to code if so what language is best to start with

Adarsha Murthy says:

Really appreciate you.. knowledge sharing is one of the supreme task that a human can do.. i really liked your video…

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