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Handle is a mobile manipulation robot designed for logistics. Handle autonomously performs mixed SKU pallet building and depalletizing after initialization and localizing against the pallets. The on-board vision system on Handle tracks the marked pallets for navigation and finds individual boxes for grasping and placing.

When Handle places a boxes onto a pallet, it uses force control to nestle each box up against its neighbors. The boxes used in the video weigh about 5 Kg (11 lbs), but the robot is designed to handle boxes up to (15 Kg) (33 lb). This version of Handle works with pallets that are 1.2 m deep and 1.7 m tall (48 inches deep and 68 inches tall).



Captn Liberty says:

Why pay 15$ per hour if you can do this?

Krawurxus says:

These seem to be working at roughly the same speed a normal human would be moving these boxes, depending on weight, so I'm dying to know how much electricity they use and how often they require maintenance and spare parts.
Because if everything combined is less than twice the pay of a human warehouse worker (since these can work 24/7) and if it functions reliably, there won't be too many people working warehouse jobs 10 years from now.

Krishna Gaadha says:

Can you provide the specifications of this robot

krabboy says:

Much better than the previous "terminator on rollerskates" model. Thank you for your mercy.

Alex Young says:

Three seconds into the video I've already pictured someone looping part of the footage to make it look dirty. Damn I'm evil.

Шисылан Пасалан says:

new horizon zero down 2 trailer

DHEERENDRA Rajput says:

dude can you tell me, what material you used

Charlie Wernette says:

Make the arm longer and attach it to the ceilings, would use much less energy that way.

Brandon says:

When people say “robots won’t take my job” and their job is stacking boxes. If you can’t imagine a robot doing your job, it’s not because your job is hard it’s because your imagination is lacking. Which is why I don’t do factories anymore, it’s not a secure job.

MicroMexsus 2 says:

Wall-e anyone

Ktuś Jakiś says:

OK it's happening everybody stay calm!

Rama Bary Baratha says:

It's look better when they wear jurassic costume.

Trident Mobile says:

Human is faster

Dave Charette says:

it looks so fake even f its real

Bikram Aditya says:

Lol they look like dinosaurs 😂

Dhaval Patel says:

Price? And who is manufacturing this type of robot?

Philip Miller says:

Im not sure how much that fucker weighs but you better not have any soft tissue walking around it if its moving backwards at that speed.

Seth Dressler says:

You could call this the “ostrich”

Hunter Kutz says:

Humans need not apply

AdonisAiolos says:

Its still too slow. I worked at manual labor before and managers were always expecting you to work fast doing this exact work. Once they get the speed down then wow.

Snarky Mark says:

Twerking 9 to 5.

FederalPhoenix says:

They look like NPCs while idling.

Niek Mussche says:

Imagine hacking these camera's and seeing this 😳

Heccin Paragon says:

I want a birdbot too

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