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Homan Birounvand says:

I wish to see an evolving society! Which evolve by integrating abnormalities into it's being!

Max McWhae says:

Much needed discussion on existential risk. 28:48 Main takeaway: Max says to be the most effective altruism is to find that magic middle between having a mainstream career base and activism.
Cheers, Max

Deni Kotsev says:

Why he wears that vintage leather jacket all the time?

jmfogle says:

Excellent speech / interview! Very insightful. Marketing these two issues (nukes & AI) to the populace is certainly one of the biggest obstacles to positive action. It's encouraging to hear that these issues are getting more publicity but let's hope that we are able to garner enough publicity (and action) in time before a tragedy. I would be curious to ask Dr. Tegmark why (beyond personal passion) he believes that these two issues are the most pressing among man-made existential risks. Although the probability of tragedy from nukes or AI is by no means zero, I would be curious to see the calculus used to highlight these two in particular as priorities. Does anyone know if there is an article or series of articles I can reference that depicts comparative probabilities of occurrence in conjunction with comparative probabilities of human annihilation?

Thomas Dankerl says:

Do it for Carl Sagan ♡

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