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In this Keynote Session, some of Google’s leading minds on artificial intelligence and machine learning discuss their vision for a future where artificial intelligence can improve the lives of everyone.

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phyllis hansen says:

Google 5-star knowledgeable complete Google 5-star knowledgeable complete Google 5-star knowledgeable complete Google 5-star knowledgeable complete

Hannah Humphreys says:

Mathematics for Machine Learning

> Linear Algebra
> Multivariate Calculus

#Maths #Basics #MachineLearning #AI

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nonstop nomads says:

AI will bring a better world and will bring forth the resource-based economy I can't wait for this happen

Narendra Malviya says:

Hi "developers" how are you ,can you help me to learn AI how to learn & where to start ,what the minimum skills for beginners

Avishek Ahmed says:

Thanks for this great talk.

Rylac Zero says:

When they talk about "human-centric" things, I am like "yeah, sure, it will be more like customer centric" than human centric. Bloody joke on humanity.

Jobie J says:

AI is really about how much data you have. I hope they(google) make their datasets available to d public(through cloud for free).Again, its just about data. Meanwhile the real thinking starts with statistics.

Gareth Hall says:

I don't know who they think they're fooling, AI will replace humans not just assist us. And we need to just accept that. Maybe at the start to not created FUD and legislation they're saying it will merely assist humans like doctors, but surely they must know in the back of their minds that it will replace humans (doctors, etc.)

crazieeez says:

Tensorflow is going to become Google Maps, you will be charged.

iris says:

we are screwed !

feilengcui008 says:

AI should be IA,Intelligence Augmentation

Loppy2345 says:

Anyone got a TLDR for this?

irfan yaqub says:

very funny all the scientists are saying that machine can think … well they are wrong with this concept …

Hakostrofik says:

“Humanity has a tendency to overestimate short term progress and underestimate long term progress” Amara's Law

Daniel Matthews says:

AI is a black box, the moment you find yourself in a court case and your lawyers tell you to resist handing over the data. This scenario has already manifested. Then there is the key problem with AI in healthcare that they ignored completely, privacy and security on systems that interface to the AI system, if you can't lock down the entire "pipeline" you are going to have problematic leaks. Where are the Google AI systems to oversee the flow of data itself and say "hang-on that is not a normal data flow, use, request, destination, etc." and intelligently moderate the data exchange with appropriately scaled levels of authentication and permissions? They don't even seem to be publicly talking about such ideas, so can we safely assume they are not even taking them seriously, if considering them at all? This makes the "values" statement seem a little hollow doesn't it? Sure the R&D people may have admirable values, but how easily are they undermined by real world practices that are dictated or influenced by others?

Aman Jangid says:

many new words to learn like Cybernetics, Benevolent Technology etc..

Alex Cisneros says:

d-d-d- DAB!

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