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An automated typewriter that takes dictation.

A few details: Some code running on my laptop (off screen) uses Windows’ voice recognition to turn speech to text. Commands for the typing mechanism are then sent to the Pololu servo controller. The Arduino Uno and Big Easy Driver control the carriage return arm and are signaled when the new line routine is called.

The “arms” move on short linear rail segments. I cut the custom parts out of acrylic on a friend’s CNC (thanks to



veloci raptor says:

brillant. great job.

Anupam Jana says:

I don,t know where and what u have studied but that is some real engineering.

Randomn says:

So cool! This video needs more attention!

joe20m20 says:

I don’t know Rick this just looks like printing with extra steps!

Peter H. says:

How about an idea which is the printer idea.

Ashok M Nagaral says:

Only if you had done this 47 years back, IAN FLEMING WOULD HAVE USED THIS IN FIRST JAMES BOND MOVIE " DR. NO "

Snake Powerforce says:

reminds me of something Doc Brown wold invent

I'm_Doing_IT says:

So how do you write period?

Whileyouwerereadingthismynamestoleyourbananacake says:

Printers: …

Ziad ETC says:

This is a wonderful combination of old technology and modern technology. This is the most impressive thing. I have seen so far. Good job❤️👏

CommodoreKazz says:

That is really, really cool. Great job.

nunya beeswax says:

It looks like a 20th century typist's nightmare (and a very cool project)

sir Clogg says:

very nice 🙂

social says:

This can be useful if you create a robot that takes the paper out of typewriter, puts it into scanner, scans it and sends out email. Could revolutionize ways how people communicate…

Fishytails says:

This is like the best useless machine i have ever seen lol. great job!

urrizn says:

1:54 corona easter eggs from 2016

Lugui says:

This is so awesomelly pointless, I love it

ToDie4 says:

Nice work, looks great.

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