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People skilled in Artificial Intelligence are paid around $150k per annum. Top companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft invest heavily in the R&D of their Artificial Intelligence systems. Keeping the importance of artificial intelligence in mind, we have come up with this full course on Artificial Intelligence.

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This session will be taken by Professor Mukesh Rao, who is the Director of Education Data Science at Great Learning. Professor Mukesh Rao has over 20 years of industry experience in Data Science, Market Research and Project Management and has conducted over 100 corporate trainings.
These are the topics covered in this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial:
*Introduction – 00:00:00
*History Behind Deep Neural Networks – 00:02:02
*Relationship between Biological Neuron and Artificial Neuron – 00:08:05
*Working of Perceptron – 00:018:05
Demo on McCullohPitt and Rosenblat Neurons-00:55:34
*Architecture of Artificial Neural Network- 01:17:35
*Activation Functions – 02:20:11
*Demo on Wine Dataset using Keras Sequential Model – 03:35:00
*Back-propagation and Gradient Descent Algorithm -06:13:00
*Demo on MNIST Dataset – 6:44:55
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TOM says:

Please ai course hindi language full course

Violet Aliviza says:

Is there a way I can get the code and slides

Meenu Mahalwal says:

Kya on line free course ki value h Kosi ko job mili ya sirf knowledge kyunki ye bahut hi great teacher h I have never seen this type of a great teacher

Dr. Sandeep Gaikwad says:

What a great teacher. I had watched entire session in a day. Thank you respected Prof. Rao sir.

Prashant Solanki says:

Thanks you sir

Sherbahadur Verma says:

Sir hindi me

Abhijith M says:

Excellent 👌

Genius Technique says:

These are the topics covered in this Artificial Intelligence Tutorial:
*Introduction – 0:00
*History Behind Deep Neural Networks – 2:02
*Relationship between Biological Neuron and Artificial Neuron – 8:05
*Working of Perceptron – 18:05
Demo on McCullohPitt and Rosenblat Neurons-55:34
*Architecture of Artificial Neural Network- 1:17:35
*Activation Functions – 2:20:11
*Demo on Wine Dataset using Keras Sequential Model – 3:35:00
*Back-propagation and Gradient Descent Algorithm –6:13:00
*Demo on MNIST Dataset – 6:44:55

Kunal Rai says:

No ads in this

D says:

Hindi me lao ye video plz 😭😭plz sir

Raghunandan bs says:

Nice explainasion

Avisek Narzinary says:

Dishing out high stuff gold and offering150k $ per annum. Safedtopi Baccha party is offering 150 million google jobs to kids aged 9.

moins Quaderi says:

An electrical engineer do AI course an job in many Fields

nawaz shariff says:

I'm not from a technical background, can this help me learn from basics to expert level?

Croma Campus says:

Thanks for sharing this valuable information about AI very helpful for students


It is such a treat to watch Prof. Rao explaining the hardest topics in such a simplified way. I have watched almost all of his videos on youtube. Now, I definitely have less fear of these complex topics. Hope to attend his class some day in person.

Gurleen Kaur says:

Can you provide videos on using google colab as well?

Gurleen Kaur says:

Overall great teaching done by great teacher,but the whiteboard is bit hazy .Please make it clear for better understanding.

Micro Mind says:

please make a complete video on artificial intelligence in hindi

6136 rajvardhan shendge says:

Are Premium lectures also like virtual classroom because if it is then i m intersted in buying some courses as other students also ask doubts so its more better.

pooja Ambadkar says:

I am a mechanical it beneficial for me?

wilford industries says:

Job chaiye mujhe tumare yha ye sikhne bad

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