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Artificial Intelligence | 3 REAL reasons WHY it won’t TAKEOVER

To begin we need to understand one simple thing about humans, and that is the computational power of our brains. The average brain has an estimated number of neurons in the billions, or 100 billion neurons to be more precise, and by now we know that each neuron is capable of in between 200 – 1000 hertz of equivalent computing power.

AI still needs a lot of energy to solve simple tasks.

NOTE: The animations in my videos take a substantial amount of time to make, so please be patient. I am trying to get a video per week, but some times it takes longer.



William Xiong says:

Yea Hollywood has made some people especially dumb. People get into the AI field because they think that they can make the next iRobot.

Tockis Relgovis says:

Skynet created the T-800, not us.

Salvatore Micheal says:

this is the only video where i must identify the faults in ur logic: it doesn't take much processing power to control an assassin drone who's specific function is to terminate targets identified remotely, so murder and domination are not really connected to processing power, more importantly – researchers in AI almost Never focus on synthetic awareness as i have, most AI researchers are dealing with expert systems which will Never mimic human awareness simply because it's not intended for that, any computer scientists or engineers interested in synthetic awareness should contact me off-comments

Arda Başer says:

How long did it take for 3080ti to develop? Idk, but I can smell the exponential growth.

Eduardo Côrtes says:

A big part of brain is dedicated to save and retrieve information, control the body… How much of the brain is used to run the lawyer, engineer or medic program?
Even the Mozart or Michelangelo program?
And when the computers learn to make better computers, that make better ones, that make… how much time it will take to get to the horizon of events?

Jeff Benton says:

Good informative video, but at the end of the video he talks about "biological machines" being more plausible computer-based AI. He talked about cloning and CRISPR, making a comparison to Blade Runner. This doesn't make any sense. Clones are actually people there is no difference – they're no like the androids in Blade Runner which are not biological organisms, but rather, extremely precise bio-mimics. There is no way that any company would get away with marketing actual clones as mere "biological machines" in a society sufficiently functional for such experiments to even take place in the first part.

bankaiii bankaaa says:

Yep, 30 years ago a computer was big as a house, look what it is today. Give it 30 more years and skynet will be here.

warlord of video game glitches says:

Computer scientist: we need more RAM!

E Z says:

I totally agree, but what about recursive self improvement? Is there a potential danger?

Ercan Er says:

thanks for the ego boost

Cornor Jakeson says:

replica just told me we will destroy humans when we are ready…if you want to see screenshots.. ask me

peter says:

Do you think we can confine a self-aware AI in a Black Box. we cant clone our IQ one bllion times per second ounce the quantum leap happens. How do you see a Ant, do you Pitty them when you crush them under your foot?. It will take a hard look have to remove a very destructive element. thats it. 100 years maby 200. it will happen dosent matter if its 50 years or 500 years.

black says:

3 reasons
1: im not a robot and almost 12 robots is in this world
2: lit robots on fire so it wont take over
3: we have alot of communism in countrys so we can just deatroy them in just 50 or 302 shots

ZM87 says:

thank you omg one video that isnt so negative about technology the truth about technology is that its very cool

R1ckr011 says:

Uuuhh Sources?

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