AI News: The Robots Are Coming!

Here’s the AI News from the past week that you might have missed. (Keep in mind I record these on Thursdays – I may have missed some things from Friday)

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Resources From Today’s Video:
OpenAI Store Launch:
OpenAI Customer Support:
OpenAI Publisher Deals:
AI-Powered Windows Key:
Google’s Paid Bard:
Intel’s GenAI Spinoff:
Mind-Reading AI DeWave:
Supreme Court Report:
Google’s Robotics Future:
Mobile ALOHA Platform:
Rabbit Tech Home:
Samsung AI Phones Event:
CES 2024 Highlights:

Edited by Mark Magtang & Matt Wolfe
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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:13 The GPT-Store
1:53 OpenAI Pays News Sources
4:25 Microsoft Copilot Key
5:13 Google Gemini Ultra Update
5:52 A NEW Open-Source Image-To-Video Model
7:04 Intel’s New AI Company
7:46 New AI Mind Reading Tool
8:49 US Courts Tackle AI
10:45 DeepMind’s New Robotics Research
12:43 New Open-Source General Purpose Robot
16:29 Rabbit Tech?
18:04 New Samsung AI?
18:26 The Consumer Electronic Expo
20:19 Meta Rayban Glasses Winners!
21:53 Final Thoughts