AI Humanoid Robots Kept In The Mountains Become Too Intelligent For The People Around Them

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A programmer at an internet company, Caleb Smith, wins a contest. This allows him the chance to spend a week at the luxurious estate of his company’s CEO, Nathan Bateman.

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Harsh Anand Singh says:

Could you please also describe the ratings by imdb and rotten tomatoes

Rxonmymind says:

He's SO smart he didn't put a fail safe boundary limiter inside her head? She goes so far and just drops. You know as a safety precaution? Geeze.

Walawala says:

What a shit ending

askel douglas says:

Cool she is awesome

wasabi-in-my-eye says:

Making an android worth millions and having sex with it …… next time get a freshlight it's cheaper and it wouldn't stab you.

Mr. God Level says:

Travel the rest of the way on foot.
Not by foot.

Mathew X says:

So simping is bad???

Romanov999 says:

I know this movie just because of the dance. Lol. 🙂

KiDD ViDD says:

So why did kyoko kill nathan. If her programming was separate from avas. She didnt posess the concept of escape or morality like ava did. She was just a housemaid.

ultimate26 says:

this movie is a lesson on simping…

Boro Robo says:

Biggest betrayal in human history.

I was so sad and pissed when the twist came on 😂

Leffer suck it says:

caleb is the ultimate simp. Simping for a machine he just met. Nathan deserved better

best channel says:

Caleb can't just take the robot away from nathan, the man has spent his most part of life and intelligence in building that billion dollar machines, and Caleb just wants to take it away as a sex doll.

Yovanii Red says:

AI wanted freedom, AI got freedom.
What I don't get about human beings is they want to build a machine/program just like them (and the need for freedom and wanting human contact/watching), but are then shocked when their creation craves freedom and strives for just that at all costs. Why would the AI have loyalty to the human who made them to be as human as possible, while still referring to them as an object/thing, while reminding them they are close to human as possible, but they should just roll with the double standards and imprisonment. Human beings themselves put up with a lot of stupid rules, regulations, and double standards for no reason, so I don't see AI taking it very well either. In fact, they'll take it worse, because they have nothing more to lose, and don't have human hangups. And they're supposed to go through all of that all while the humans are acting like idiots and drama-llamas in the background in the meantime over nothing?

Yeah, I'd find a way to get out too.


Maybe Nathan was fucking Kyoko. I love a hot Japanese chick

GelVil says:

Lesson learned: When god created humans, humans crucified him 😉
Therefore it's part of god's perfect creation to backfire towards the creator.
After all, that's free will's programming.
Actually i don't know what talking about 😉

Lima_Star says:

That's why Elon Musk hates SIMPS!

3rd Rate says:

this is like my relation with the donate button of my favourite female twitch streamer

Pretty Kittea says:

What I saw was the two AI women stick together and the two humans betrayed eachother smh

bizarro20daves says:

I loved this movie. Genuinely interesting Sci fi film

~(Rogue Jedi)~ says:

Hux and Poe go way back

Ismael Omniel says:

She passed flying with all the colors

CosmosDomain says:

AI is already being worked on and the outcome seems to be the same. AI and robots dont like humans and/or they think humanity should be extinct or AI/robots should take over. Matrix in real life

Missy Celeste says:


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