7 Privacy Predictions for 2024 (AI, Quantum Computers and more)

What’s going to happen with passwords? Passkeys? And how will rise of AI affect your security and privacy? Here are my predictions for 2024. Be sure to take control of your own digital ID by creating a free Proton account here:

Do you agree or disagree with my predictions?

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Privacy Predictions for 2024
0:18 – Artificial Intelligence & Privacy Prediction
1:15 – Passkeys & Biometrics Prediction
2:29 – Digital ID Prediction
3:25 – Escape from Google with Proton (sponsored)
4:18 – Quantum Computing Prediction
5:04 – Social Disinformation Prediction
5:57 – Paying for Privacy Prediction
6:46 – Your Privacy in 2024

Just as AI and Chat GPT took the world by storm last year, there’s much that’s going to happen in 2024. Here are my privacy predictions covering everything from passkeys to AI to Digital IDs and more. Agree or disagree, you know that there’s plenty that’s going to be changing this coming year!

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