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From global leader of Watson for IBM global business services to enterprise artificial intelligence leader Noodle AI, Stephen Pratt has a fascinating story to share.

The tech industry is filled with buzzwords, and many techies hide behind jargon. But anything this going to transform businesses, then it needs to be in a language that everyone understands and not just the IT departments.

For example, I don’t think there is anyone that would argue that Artificial Intelligence is going to transform every industry but ask them what it is, and you will get many different answers. I recently came across a company called Noodle AI who were able to demystify AI and put it into a tagline that everyone can understand.

AI is not magic, its just math. And this is encapsulated what this technology is for me. Many over complicate AI, but when you strip it back its just math. Sure on a massive scale and only possible now because of the computing power at our disposal is the leading Enterprise Artificial Intelligence applications company. The breakthrough design of is based on a set of interconnected learning algorithms across supply and demand planning. Founded in 2016, is led by executives previously with the top firms in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and management consulting.

Stephen Pratt is an instigator, agitator, and pioneer in creating world-class technology services organizations. He has spent his career building innovative ways to create value for the world’s most important organizations. Prior to Noodle, he was responsible for all Watson implementations worldwide for IBM Global Business Services. He also was the founder and CEO of Infosys Consulting, a Senior Partner at Deloitte Consulting, and a technology and strategy consultant at Booz, Allen & Hamilton.

He twice has been selected as one of the top 25 consultants in the world by Consulting Magazine. He has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and The George Washington University focused on Satellite Communications. For fun, Steve plays competitive tennis, races sailboats, and formerly was a crazed rugby player. He enjoys playing acoustic guitar for his children (not ready for prime time)



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