Unboxing the Atlas Robot -

Unboxing the Atlas Robot

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MIT receives its Atlas robot (built by Boston Dynamics) to use in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. Team MIT will develop software to control and command Atlas to perform various actions in a disaster response situation. Visit drc.mit.edu and www.theroboticschallenge.org for more details.


Jessica Davis says:

How do you get one

UGP says:

so you think the military is building robots for disaster response, ha? 🙂

Le Spoozum says:

You forgot to say "ROBOT, UNBOX!"

Ultimo D says:

That thing looks heavy.

Andrey Kovalev says:

Santa, i want it

daniel nielsen says:

Shouldn't this be unboxing itself? 😉

Nico P says:

do smell as new xD?

coolbeat2005 says:

Terminator has arrived…

Xtreamer PT says:

I bet it will be hard to download the drivers for that thing

StarColonel_FunPoster says:

Not 100 tons

Goddamn scrubs

Valken says:

Awesome. Much good luck on the challenge!

Shafayat Deonarine says:

They should have just said "Get yo lazy ass out that box now!"

Antonio Rodrigues de Almeida Fiho says:

parece aqueles jogadores de futebol americano

BIGSmiles says:

Did I just see duct tape on the robot?

advx1992 says:

youtube is lagging ;/

Ian Richardson says:

They obviously meant "cylons" in reference to Battleship Galatica

winnierain143 says:

@shawn902 Heyya so bored today

millerFrances24 says:

@edwin937 Oh you're still alive then…..yeah I'm still modeling part time

winnierain143 says:

@troy496 Hi time to clean the browser history again :/

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