The Client Server Model | Clients and Servers

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In this video, I explain the client server model. I define what a client is, both a client machine and a client program. Then, I talk about servers. After that, I explain the client server architecture.
I also talk about the peer to peer model.

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Sulabh Biswas says:

Thanks a lot. Your explanation was clear and concise. 🙂


Your lecture was superb👌.. I have never heard such a lecture b4.. U are such a good teacher👏

bader abdulrahman says:

I have been trying to find answer for my question for Months, Honestly, the video is clear and easy to understand, and the good thing you give a clear example, please keep it up. If you can, we would love you to make video regarding of principle of Information Security. and differences between Pen test and Vulnerability assessment

rajat kulkarni says:

Presentation skills : 10000000000….

nikita srivastava says:

thanku sir…now i got it

Sindri Björnsson says:

Dude great job! You made it sound so simple

Brad Yue says:

What different from MVC? Use less servers?

emilio alvarado says:

After years of searching for an answer, here is finally an understandable and a good definition on what is a server.

hira hira says:

Very good explanation.Awesome video

ThusIsBrad says:

good graphics and good explanation, thank you!

Faheem Karim says:

summary at 5:31

Srishti Patel says:

Wow thankyou so much for the video. I was not able to understand this topic from a very long time. This is so easy langauge. 👏👏👏😊😊🤩

Roqaya muhammad says:

Man keep the good work. Honestly you just made my five paragrphs to three or four sentences thanks!!! 💖

VertUnix says:

Very useful and simplified for beginners. Thumbs up!

Chaimae Bel says:

U ARE perfect !!!!!!

Renegade says:

Still don't get it.

Even if you have a javascript thats making a call to a DB. It still has to go to the server. It can never be a client side application then?

Anna Durai says:

Easy to understand and thank you😊

Kemar Walker says:

Just saying nice explanation however the segment in which you were discussing the server what it is a definition you're getting mixed up in what it does what it does is a concept and yes what it does is it serves multiple computers over a network 24/7 its an automated program. I'm saying don't mix a concept with a definition 💪🏾

Sangeetha Narayanan says:

Nice explanation😏

Priyanka kumari says:

awesome explanation. thank you very much

Owonubi Job Sunday says:

Having my tests in 2 days time and you just gave me the questions free. Thank you very much.
Much love from Nigeria.

Home Team says:

Great video, your explanations were very clear, thanks

Sakshi Bhadoria says:

Are you korean?

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