Session one, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cambridge 2016

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09:30-09:50 Carl Rasmussen, University of Cambridge Variational Inference in Gaussian Processes for non-linear time series
09:50-10:10 Yingzhen Li, University of Cambridge Variational inference with Rényi divergencee
10:10-10:30 Thang Bui, University of Cambridge Deep Gaussian Processes for Regression using Approximate Expectation Propagation
10:30-10:50 Adrian Weller, University of Cambridge Clamping variables and approximate inference


Effesianable says:

The Nobel prize goes to the camera man… show the slides for heavens sake!

herwig g says:

suggestion for future videos: show both the speaker and the slides – split screen!!

Adam West H says:

3:40 it actually starts

Alin Nemet says:

very technical talks, links to slide would be much appreciated

Smokey says:

Difficult to follow this without knowing what he means by "here" and "there" while pointing to the slides.

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