Scottish Voice Recognition Elevator – ELEVEN!

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What happens when 2 Scottish people end up in an Elevator that uses Voice Recognition.


Jackson Pons says:

If you watched the countryhumans version like

Fox Shock says:

And they were wondering why inventor don't install a.i. speaker on the elevator

fastasfox says:

Sod it i wil go to 10 and walk to 11 🤣😂🤣🤣

Sushi roll says:


YouTube: let's put this in everybody's recommendation after 8 years!

KC Rose -thinks Ur gay says:

You from the same part of England as dick Von dicke?

Heavenly Grace Neves-Haleamau says:

Why does the bald man remind me if the chubby conductor from polar express

Jamee Macaraeg says:

Who else is now having trouble saying Eleven in English even though I have been talking English since I was a kid? ( P.S I'm not American or anything, I 'm English )

Vacation -17- says:

I love Scottish accents

king pietro says:

Why didn't they just say another number

Brayden Tuttle says:


Brittany_ Kitty says:

this is so funny!

deathrokiller says:

please suck my wully/wolly

SandboxArrow says:

As a Russian, I now wish I could be Scottish instead of being from my country

Douglas Strother says:

"These go to eleven…."

the bun says:

Got a samsung 10 and thing still canny understand me dnt know why a bother 😂

Doom guy says:

Next time bring a American

Commissar Lord says:

But they sounds pretty normal to me especially when they say eleven.

Belinda Slade says:

So fauking true, they don’t work for sheet

ElitePlagueArtist/EPA says:

Secret ending: American Come in and They beg him to say eleven but he doesn’t understand Scottish and they beat him up

Ilaria Coronati says:

There is only one thing funnier than scottish people speaking: scottish people w r i t i n g.
That said, I died laughing at this.
More than once.

Jessie H. H. says:

"I'm not begging that for nothing" 😂

Amber dolphin1210 says:

Laughing through most of this.



Libby Rees says:

…and every time i get to speak to anyone on the phone and they ask my house number and i say "eleven" and they repeated it in a Scottish accent i am pissing myself laughing, and then i have to explain about this video while im pissing myself hahahahaha

cathy milner says:

These guys are brilliant

vincent insomnicide says:

Please? Suck my willy! 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

11FiNGERs says:

Anyone knows wer i cn any short voice effects of dem saying eleven? 😀

Irish Pickens says:

Just wait for it to speak!!!!😭

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