Scale AI's 22-Year Old CEO Wants to Improve the Safety of Self-Driving Cars

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Aug.08 — Alexandr Wang, Scale AI co-founder and chief executive officer, explains how the company is using artificial intelligence to improve the safety of self-driving cars. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”


Jorge Vasquez says:

Joma is still waiting ☹️

Cookie Boy says:

Anyone applied to Scale AI?

Cookie Boy says:

The thumbnail is like f you all. You guys are too dumb for me.

Yao says:

Millions of people are doing the labeling for waymo for free everyday when they try to confirm they are not robots while logging in, and Amazon has turk. The business model doesn't make sense to me. I wonder how they are doing right now

David On says:

I can't wait to smoke this fools company

Luis Lemus says:

I got some of a feeling…. like a new theranos over here…

Prof Senku says:

When I was 22 I thought that teacher live in school …now I am 13

rambo321 says:

i was still waking up at 6pm at 22

Daniel Tam says:

I hate this guy's face

No Cake No Code says:

When I was 22, I was still doing my 12th grade for the 4th adult education. (Today I'm a 31 y/o software engineer)

IndustryOfMagic says:

Do you know what Alexandr has?
Grit. That's what Alexandr has.

saptarshi sengupta says:

100 million for data labelling. AWS does it for free to you.

Cosmar Bakara says:

I wonder no one would be buy a new car if all self driving in safety zone, speed 80 only. The car manufacturing is closed in future, cause no accident lol

Viktor lernt says:

billions of billions of billions …

Umair Sayyed says:

Later his startup will be acquired by Tesla

Ashish k says:

This kid speak better than Trump 💯

Ashish k says:

I was in deep sleep 😴 till the age of 22

Mike Ruchington says:

I clicked on this just to comment: nobody wants to hear about some 22 yo asian guy who's better than me in every way. firstly, it's cliche now, also, I don't enjoy feeling like I've wasted my life.


don't ghostttt buddy

Handy Kusuma says:

Still laughing while watching this at 22 of my age

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