Manuel Thalhofer show his SmartMirror with AI

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My DIY smart mirror has currently a Spotify, weather and google maps integration as well as face recognition. Artificial Intelligence is utilized to autonomously learn new people, their relationships and favorites. To get a natural communication experience natural language processing (NLP) is used to extract the sense of sentences.

For more information please visit the related LinkedIn article


Thomas Hovgaard says:

My family would think I'd gone mad in the bathroom. 15 minutes of yelling at the mirror, coming out totally updated.

Arnaud MEURET says:

As any evil mastermind, the last thing I want is to have to start every command to my artificial underlings with « Please » and have them comply after 2.5 hours. « Please change your hotword to ‘stupid machine’ »

Patrick Hahn says:

Hallo, wo hast du den Spionspiegel gekauft?

René Moncayo says:

FaceTime instagram Facebook nessenger and Skype integration

Stephen Melvin says:

V.I.K.I from IRobot

Adam Wolarczuk says:

love it mate do you hae a code build video would love to run it here

Jab Hutt says:

So what's wrong with using monitor?

lordhelmchen100 says:

i highly doubt that this thing is real.

Red Rose says:

ur genuis can you help creatting simular

mac11380 says:

Slow to respond but I see a huge potential. I would like to see a face in the mirror as the interface. Great start

Lance Rodi says:


Puellos _ says:

This is ugly… Simpler ones are nicer…

Otto Hörst says:

Welches Programm erkennt dein Gesicht. Machst du das mit OpenCV?

Samm Tuckker says:

"V.I.K.I"? As in the evil AI from iRobot? :L You're kidding!

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