Interviewing Siri, Cortana, Google, Alexa | What do they think about their competitors?

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Let’s ask four AI assistants how do they think of their rivals? The list includes:
00:11 Google Assistant
03:45 Microsoft Cortana
07:11 Apple Siri
10:05 Amazon Alexa

It’s funny and interesting to witness the relationship among those AI assistants. Thanks for watching.
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Dong Hai STUDIO says:

I noticed that someone commented a plot twist: What if I am Male Siri and is asking. If so, who wants to see me in real life? 😂. Watch my TED Talk here:

Cayleigh Green says:

he forgot bixby

mate gamer says:

are u better than sirti
That's like comparing apples to windows.

mate gamer says:

me What do you think of Siri
cortana   I think it's cool that she's out there trying to make people's lives a little easier.

mate gamer says:

me do u know siri
cortana I certainly know who Siri is, though we've never met.

ah ah says:

siri=rood google=nice cortana=funny alexa=blind

Shadow SJ says:

Google? Google. Lemme bing that


Happily Ham says:

Google Assistant and Cortana sound much more human and speak more naturally overall.

AL3K00 says:

Cortana was my personal favorite

Niki4337 says:

7:06 She litteraly answered a question..

SUPERKID :-P BRO :-D says:

Microsoft vs MINECRAFT

doge says:

I love it how Cortana is just making puns all the time 😆


Try asking sing me a song

Ali Production Official says:

Google Is the Best! 😃

TV진짜 says:

While talking to Cortana, I feel like I have a savage invible friend 🤭😂

Randall Morris says:

For the quarantine

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